Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Sure Does Fly!!

i’m not one to get into a lot of personal stuff on my blog if it doesn’t have to do with art or creativity, so i don’t often write about my marriage.  but 35 years is a pretty long time…so i thought maybe i would make an exception.

1977 visiting relatives at Tahoe
 when stu and i got together in the 70’s, things were pretty laid back.  i really had no agenda or list of what i wanted in a guy.  i just went with the flow and had a good time.  i dated a lot of guys and had a series of semi-serious relationships, none of which stuck, for one reason or another. 

1978 with my first special ed. class in Ramona
 so when we met (at a bar in san diego) i was open to a relationship, but not necessarily looking to settle down.  from the git-go, we felt very comfortable together.  we enjoyed spending time together.  it all sounds kinda simple, but friends, that’s the thing that has lasted.  after all these years, we still do!

1982 - gettting my master's degree


 yes, there have been some tough times.  i was the primary breadwinner and there were years when he wasn’t working or wasn’t working much.  it took its toll.  he’s a total jock.  i’m more into art and poetry.  compromises needed  to be made.

Early 90's - can you believe these hair styles??


2000 or so
 but we share strong interests in travel, hiking and cocker spaniels. we enjoy the same basic (simple) life-style and are on the same page spiritually.  we appreciate and encourage each other (most of the time!) and still like hanging out together.

we’ve bought/built and sold 12 homes, traveled to 39 states as well as mexico, canada, the carribean and spain, hiked thousands of miles, owned 5 motorhomes and the same number of cocker spaniels. we have piles of memories and stories to tell and are continuing to make new ones!

we both feel so lucky and blessed to have had these years together!!  we don’t ever take it for granted and enjoy every single day.

Last Friday


  1. Congratulations Patty!!! That is just tremendous...cuz relationships are not easy!! So glad you shared your amazing journey with your fans...I loved it!!

  2. congratulations patty! what a beautiful journey! makes my heart flutter, hehe! thanks so much for giving us a peek into your personal life.

  3. Aren't the photos so much fun to look at! Yes, you are lucky, and yes you have worked hard to stay lucky. Congrats - so happy for you both. Many more happy memories and stories to tell. Love the photo from 'last Friday'. Thanks for sharing. hugs, Donna

  4. Patty what an amazing post! Congratulations, your photos were so wonderful to see! I hope you have 35 more years of happiness together! Thanks so much for sharing, it put a smile on my face.

  5. How wonderful of you to share this. All long marriages are a result of hard working and I understand that you two have done a good job. Even if my life is a bit different from yours at some parts I'm learning a lot from you my friend.

  6. Patty-I adored reading through this post and seeing all your many years together. How inspiring and heartwarming and amazing it is to see what it takes to keep a marriage strong through the years...through the ups and (inevitable) downs. i can feel the warmth and love! love the hairstyles too BTW:)
    E-mail coming soon!


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