Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Life - Chapter 2

“all new-born life forms are fragile, delicate, not yet firmly established in materiality.  an innocence, a sweetness and beauty that are not of this world still shine through them.  they delight even relatively insensitive humans.”  eckhart tolle

 i must caution you – this chapter does not have a particularly happy ending…. but i have gotten so involved – i wanted to bring you the rest of the story.  when i left off last time, mama was happily sitting with her 2 brand new offspring.  i finally did some research and found that she does get breaks – that she shares the responsibility with the daddy and they take turns sitting with the birdies. 

the first change i noticed was that the babies started to be left alone.  i was concerned at first, but it was temporary.  the parents came back, most likely with food. 

 friday, when i left for my morning walk, all was well. by the time i came back, the nest was empty.  eventually i found daddy close by, on the roof of my studio, and mama over on the hillside, guarding. 

 sure enough, there tucked beneath the sawgrass, were the 2 little juniors, huddled together.  apparently, they stay on the ground about 3-5 days before they can fly.

i went about my day and went to look for them again in the afternoon.  the parents were once again up on the studio roof, looking down.  as i went around the back of the studio to check back there, i saw a neighborhood cat and shoed him away.  there in the back was this sad little pile of feathers. friends, my heart just stopped.  i didn’t want to believe it. but once i got the pic on the screen, i could even see those little feet (upper right).  no denying it.

 i know it’s “just” a bird. i know it’s the cycle of life, the food chain, "that's what cat's do" blah, blah, blah.  the fact is, i was devastated.  heart broken.  preoccupied and taken over by sadness.  it still makes me ill to think about it....... it’s somewhat comforting to know that one may have survived and is likely out there thriving.  i’ve seen the parents still hanging around so i hope so.  and apparently there’s a good chance they will be back to use that same nest again.  now if people could just keep their cats on their own property…..sigh.....


  1. I'm so sorry. I understand. I have trouble watching those Nature programs even though I know the animals all have to kill other animals to survive. Especially hard when they're babies. And with cats, even though they're well fed, it's their nature. They're not bad. My cats don't go outside so they won't kill or be killed.

  2. Dear Patty: Oh no!!!!!! How terrible!! I was so saddened to see this as well. I know what you mean...part of it is the cycle of life but another part is all the symbolism we attach to certain animals. Like a bird isn't just a bird but symbolic of hope, love, peace etc etc. I would have no problem seeing a mosquito dead:)
    I really enjoyed reading your post a few down Reflections...about your journal group. It seems to be going well. We have to catch up...okay???

  3. Life is very tough especially for the young ones. But I also thought about how it would be for the parents if they can't defend their children.

  4. Nature! Hard to take at times. Poor babies. So beautiful and so vulnerable. I know how you feel - I moved a plant by accident knocked a humming birds nest out - the little egg smashed and there lay the small bird - not yet fully developed. I felt like a murderer believe me. We get attached to those to consider our yards their home - and protective. My blog is back up and running, Patty. Luckily, the woman I hired to help (Karen Valentine) had the good sense to download the entire blog before it went away completely. We were fortunate to get the same address Hope you will be back to join me on the journey. I have a lovely new button now you can grab. "Donnadidit" no longer exists. It's been a ride let me tell you. See you there soon my friend. xoDonna

  5. Oh, Patty. I understand. I am with you. I found a squirrel lying on the ground the other day and even though I wanted to be excited for Atlas because he got to sniff it, I was so so sad. (Also, it was feebly moving its head and I didn't know what to do.) And somehow tiny birds are even more tender.

  6. oh no....
    sorry that it has to be a cat.


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