Sunday, April 18, 2010

Butterflies and Baby Elephants

i've been trying to take some kind of little field trip/photoshoot each week.  i feel incredibly fortunate to live in an area where i have a lot of choices pretty much year-round. and also incredibly fortunate, after working since the age of 15, to have the freedom to do it during the week!  this past week took me to the wild animal park at the tailend of the yearly butterfly exhibit.

what is it about butterflies??  their intense color?

their elusiveness?

or the fact that their teeny-tiny delicate body parts are in such contrast to their huge wings??

i just know that i'm really drawn to them and was pretty much in awe of this whole experience.

  but that's not the end of the story.  while i was there i found out that a baby elephant had just been born something like 36 hours ago!

yup - this little guy weighed in at about 265 pounds (that's a big baby!!).  he was still a little wobbly and stuck really close to mom, but pretty amazing to watch!!  the one born on valentine's day was cavorting all over the place and another one is due in about a month.  so cool!!!

i guess spring is busting out all over the place!!!


  1. Look at the baby elephant! Adorable! There was one born at the Portland Zoo last year (I think) but I didn't visit. Now I'm kind of sorry I didn't.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I am so glad that I was present on your best birthday. That was such a special event, and I'm glad it occurred on your birthday.

  2. These butterfly pictures are incredible! I'm planning to take Lydia, Elinore, and Sophie to the butterfly exhibit at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids next week but am quite sure I will not be able to get such great pictures. I'll try to show them yours before we go--and the baby elephant!

  3. Sometimes I simply sit in awe in front of my screen and soak it all in. Patti did that, I say to myself. Patty caught a moment in time in her little black box which will never be repeated. Patty is an artist.

  4. awwww that baby elephant is so sweet!! what awesome photos you take. love you patty


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