Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good-bye to the Rain??

i've been thinking about this post for a while - i keep thinking it's the last of the rain. we really only have 2 seasons here in southern cal - warm and cool. during part of the cool season it rains - usually january and february. by early april it's about run its course and that's it for the year. literally. no more. it becomes a dried up desert around here.

this year is different, however.  because of el nino, the rain just keeps on comin.  i'm loving this.

not only do i really love constantly changing skies, but i especially love that little window of time when the rain has stopped (and won't get my camera wet!).....

but the drops are still dripping....

it's especailly cool when the sun starts peeking out and lighting up all those drops....


(more rain predicted on wednesday!)


  1. Patty.....

    THESE pics are MAGICAL!!!

    amazing what you capture through your lens with your eye!!!!

    love and hugs to you!!!

  2. patty
    usual....these photographs are AMAZING.
    i LOVE them.
    i am honestly ready to sign up for your online photo class anytime now misses....
    tick tock. tick tock......waiting.
    love you dear.

  3. Patty these photographs are incredible. You are so talented. I admire how you capture the world around you and show us the beauty that surrounds you. When are we going on our photo taking adventure together :)

  4. An online photo class ... hmmmm! I'm up for it. Have you thought about that? It could be great fun and I would be willing to sign up. (Wait til I get settled ... but of course, you would have more than one ... how silly of me). Beautiful, Beautiful! I wanted to hold that lemon in my hand and just smell it. So fresh, succulent, juicy, .... amazing .... YOU! i'll be out of touch for a few days. I'll catch up when I have had a little rest at the other end. Take care. xx

  5. You captured the beauty in a simple drop of water. I love how you can see the pink of the tulip in the water drops on the tulip stem.

    Our rain goes through April (as the droplets pouring down on my roof right now will attest) but every year, I forget and think it stops in February. Some year I'll remember. :)

  6. These photos are fantastic! Loved your retreat post too - I had a similar experience after coming back from a retreat in 2007. I haven't had the courage to try an overnight, but have led several day-retreats. I'm so in love with the idea of taking short breaks from life to set our hearts and heads in order - I think it makes us stronger!

    Thanks for visiting dragonfly!


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