Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alternative Points of View

that's the name of the new show that my photoarts group will be hanging this weekend.  the subtitle is alternative concepts and techniques.  the idea is to showcase unusual photographic processes - stuff like infrared, polaroids, various emulsions, light painting, etc.  at first i wasn't going to enter, because, after all, my photography is pretty traditional for the most part and doesn't really fit the theme of alternative. 

but it got me thinking.  i've been trying to find a way to incorporate photos into collage and it's been a struggle to end up with something that i'm pleased with.  so i signed up at the 1 or 2 piece level, but guess what - i ended up with 6 pieces!

 this is a set of (prints of) polaroid manipulations done with the old SX70 film just before they stopped making it.  it was a sad day for those of us just getting excited with how you could actually manipulate the colors and textures in these polaroid prints before they were set and dried.

this one is a photo collage.  the words of the bring me back poem are written on the prints and they are overlaid on the bigger print.

these 2 are photo weaves.  each image is printed twice, then cut and actually woven together.

and finally a collage with photos.  the little piece at the top came last.  it's a collage that contains scrap pieces from the photo weaves.  it's official title is "no waste".

so i've been busy!!  and i have new ideas for even more stuff.  wouldn't just a couple more hours in every day be nice??

anyway, it looks to be a very interesting show - about 15 of us are participating - now let's keep our fingers crossed for a few sales!!


  1. you just keep on getting better and better lady. i love to watch you push yourself past your comfort level and find so much more. you are quite a woman and a am just tickled pink to know you. love

  2. Patty,
    You do beautiful work. I love the photo weaves. That's such a great idea when working with scenery.
    I see you love to journal. I wanted to personally invite you to a chat on Twitter that I host/moderate called #JournalChat. You're welcome to stop by on Thursday at 2 EST/11 PST and share the benefits and bring your journaling questions. Here's a link for more info:

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    @JournalChat on Twitter

  3. I love these. Keep pushing yourself. You have so much creativity inside of you!

  4. My mouth is open and my jaw is dropped. Patty, you have such talent! TALENT, TALENT, TALENT, GIFTS, GIFTS, GIFTS! AND ... you are honouring them. I am so very happy for you. It makes me so excited to see these beautiful creations .. I can feel their energy. Keep on going. and going. and going. xx

  5. Cool. i've never seen that photo weaving before...I'm going to have to try it! I, too, often photograph "traditional" things like flowers, sunsets, etc. But I've grown to love the artistic side of photography...trying new/alternative things.


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