Monday, April 5, 2010

Who'd've Thought??

so we decided to take an easter hike in a local park not far from here.  silly me - i almost didn't take my camera!  who've thought we'd end up seeing such cool treasures...
like flowing water
cactus in full bloom
wildflowers galore
even dancing butterflies (2 of them were dancing together, but i could only capture 1)
followed up the hike with a good roll in the grass.....
and finally..... the happy ending!!
just goes to show:
-beauty is all around us
-don't forget your camera!
hope you all had a happy and memorable weekend!!!


  1. so true is EVERYWHERE, isn't it??!!

    just love all of these photos but have to say my fav is the "roll in the grass" with what looks like a big ol' smile on the face!!

    loves to you,

  2. Thanks for reminding us to slow down and enjoy the beauty of all the "little things" along our path--and the taste too, of course. I will take my camera more often!


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