Friday, April 30, 2010

Be Inspired

i captured this photo in my wanderings around the salton sea last month. the dilapidated remains of this waterfront home had survived both fire and flood. my heart felt heavy as i wandered through what had likely been someone’s dream home and saw the pieces left behind – shoes, clothing, household implements – in varying states of decay.

but someone came along and wrote these words for all of us future curiosity seekers to see.

be inspired??

by this??

it seems so incongruous, but it got me thinking…

where do we get our inspiration – the inspiration to write, to connect, to create, to produce something totally new?
it’s not always from the happy parts and the “niceties” of life. it’s the other stuff – the stuff that causes us to struggle, the stuff that stretches us in new directions, the stuff that we look for ways to clarify – that gets us thinking, questioning, reaching out, and often – creating.

so wherever you are in your journey today, use your circumstances – just as they are – to create….. BE INSPIRED!!!!


  1. I'm on it Patty! Today that will be my motto - no matter what I see, what I do, who I encounter I will look and find inspiration in it. Thanks. Should be an interesting exercise.

  2. Hmm... I will ponder on this!


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