Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flower Power

they are just so flippin amazing aren't they??

what a gift to have them blooming all year round.  if you don't have access to this particular gift, give it to yourself in the form of indoor flowers.  they are relatively cheap, easy to come by and can be  powerful mood-alterers!

and keep the faith... one month of winter has already passed.  spring will be here before you know it!!


  1. Oh, beautiful photos. Flowers are indeed a powerful mood-alterer. My tulips are already peeking their heads through the soil. The time has returned to walk through the yard and find new growth every day - and still do a lot of clean-up (like trimming trees and pruning roses...)

  2. What a wonderful gift... year-round flowers! Love shots!

  3. there is nothing but white snow all over the land here. sprinkled with gray slush and ice. so getting to sit here warm in my house, soaking in the sun from your gorgeous blooms has filled up my seratonin reserves.

    keep em' coming patty!

  4. I am so ready for some flower power...beautiful!

  5. i DIG the flowa powa!!!!!!!!!!

    I took a walk the other day when i was at the beach and stumbled upon all these beautiful yellow wild flowers!!!! it made me smile instantly!!!!

    there is magic in the beauty flowers!


  6. Beautiful Patty! I can feel spring approaching here - even though winter is soft here. Candaleria will begin in February, a huge plant and flower market in one of our largest parks. Can't wait to hire a truck and begin my Jardin Planting. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. thanks for the boost of color! It's white out...been snowing for and summer seem like a distant dream. :)


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