Friday, January 28, 2011

Tide Pools

we have a phenomenon here in southern ca called santa ana conditions.  i don't know all the technicalities, but basically when this happens, the wind patterns shift, so instead of coming in from the ocean, they come from the desert, bringing heat and dryness to the coast, along with windy conditions.

sometimes, as was the case yesterday, it's actually hotter at the beach than it is in the desert.  it's these exact conditions that often fuel our infamous fire-storms, especially when it happens in the fall, after months of no rainfall, when the brush is tinder-dry.  scary stuff.

anyway, i decided to take advantage of the warm temperatures we have been having and head down to the beach.  i visited the tidepools at the south end of cardiff beach.  how fun to see all the little treasures there!

truly nature
at her finest. 
so full of life!!


  1. Hi Patty-so wonderful to see all these amazing pics of your wonder-FULL day at the beach. Guess what? I called you yesterday were heading down there at the time!! Received your studio warming invitation-and will come-just tell me what to bring!You must be soooo happy that it is finally done! Our last POD arrives tomorrow-busy unpacking all weekend!! Will call soon. xxx

  2. Oh Patty, these were some of the best photographs! WoW! Your abilities behind that camera of yours are incredible! I wish I could bring the emotion out of the viewer with my paintings, like that of which I felt tonight looking at these photos. I'm sitting here still shaking my head in awe of them. That first one GOT ME right out of the gate. Hey..I'm seeing in the above message that you're having a Studio-Warming. Did I miss photos of your newly completed digs? Sure hope not. Last I saw was an earlier construction phase. I'll be checking back for updates on your new place. I'm anxious to see it! Have a beautiful weekend sweet friend!

  3. How beautiful!! You are a amazing photographer! I felt like I was right next to you on the beach.
    The weather has been so lovely, I take many trips to our lovely beach but I don't think I have ever seen the beauty that you have caught with your artistic eye. Simply wonderful.


  4. Once again, I am left somewhat breathless and quite homesick for the sea. Such a spectacular day, and to capture those moments to take with you on the journey is very special. Yet again, your talent is showing, Patty. Thanks for a much needed walk on the beach. :o)

  5. You guys are just blowin me away here with your thoughtful comments. Seriously, this is such a fun way to share my photos - Who needs art shows and galleries?? This is way more fun!! THANK YOU!!

  6. Patty, these are amazing photos! I love looking at them. What is that animal (?) with the hot red? I couldn't make that one out. This truly is nature at its best!

  7. oh, super cool! I'm kind of chuckling though, cause my reality here is so different from your beach, sun shots! I'm going to go out later today for a photo walk & will post a few pics of winter. :)

  8. Hi Patty

    Just stopping by after seeing your comment on Chrissy's post about doing what you love. Astonishing 'coincidence'. And then I arrived here and saw your post is about Southern California, which is where I am off to fairly soon. Maybe we were supposed to visit each other's places this year!

    Would LOVE to have you join us at the retreat. It is going to be very special indeed. Do drop me a line if you have any questions

  9. Such gorgeous ocean scenes and images. WOW!

  10. i am sitting here trying not to allow the tearts to fall. for so many reasons, the beauty and the pull my heart has for the ocean.

    miss patty - you did it again.


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