Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dark Zone


my body has taken me hostage
it’s crossed over into some kind of zone
and it’s threatening to take ME with it
it’s a somber zone
still and dark and joyless
like the underbelly of a piece of granite
pressed against the cold damp earth

things that normally thrill and delight
hold no fascination here
energy and appetite do not exist
absolutely everything is an effort
absolutely nothing is fun
time has shifted down into first gear
and i’m stuck...

waiting for a patch of light
to creep into the darkness

a nagging thought penetrates
the mush that is my brain
cycling in and out
what if this is it
what if there is no going back….


a new day has dawned
the dark zone has evaporated
leaving only translucent wisps
of its ominous presence in my memory,
and reassigning me to a happier place
a place called NORMAL

and i know that i have had a glimpse
through a tiny, cloudy window
into life as millions know it
on a daily basis

i guess that’s the silver lining here
....getting that…
on a very personal level

NORMAL, I love you!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better... Normal can be very good!

  2. Beautiful post, Patty. I can relate so much. I'm always afraid I'm not going to come out of it too. Very very moving photographs and words. Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad the sun is out again!

  3. Oh Patty. You put my rambling crap into beautiful words. ☺ ♥

    Please continue to feel better and better and better until it's the best most wonderful state your body and mind and heart has been in. You have been through so much lately - I take my hat off to you and send you much love. ♥

  4. YAY for normal! Sometimes darkness is needed to appreciate the light. Even normal light!

  5. Oh so very right there with you Patty! It is so hard to be content with what is so when what is so is feeling so left of normal. I have been glimpsing normal the last couple of days and boy am I happy to see it. xoxo

  6. Normal is so very much appreciated after a visit to that place.

    Ooohing over your soft focus photos! There is so much color and joy in the last one in particular.


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