Monday, January 31, 2011


it’s a chicken or egg situation – not sure which came first.  my interest in photography in turn fueling the passion to look for things which are visually interesting.  or the other way around – noticing things that are visually interesting and then wanting to document them.  in any case, the 2 have become completely intertwined in my life and there is no turning back.  not sure i could stop if i wanted to!

when i started blogging 15 months ago, i (like so many others i have read about) had a fear that i would run out of things to say and images to post.  that i would get stuck and it would feel like a burden to keep it going.  the only way i had the confidence to begin was knowing i had stock-piled thousands of images from interesting places we had visited.  i figured i would be sorting through those and sharing them little by little.

and i have shared many of those images.  but not nearly as many as i would have thought.  because my brain and my eyes have been “sharpened” by doing this and i am always on the lookout for new material.  and somehow i seem to find it.   it’s not a burden – it’s a thrill!  when i go somewhere i truly have no idea what sorts of images i will end up with, which is what makes it so much fun.  i keep an open mind and shoot whatever calls to me.  lots of times it is just the way the light plays on something…. or a pattern….or some kind of contrast…. or a reflection!  you just never know.

i could say the same about the writing part.  i often have no idea what my next post will be about but, things happen and truly, almost anything can end up becoming blog material.  it took me a while to get this, but i have read posts about almost every subject imaginable and as long as it can be told and illustrated interestingly,  and is something others can relate to, bingo!

so, yes, blogging has been a really enriching addition to my life.  i love that i can go back and see how i have documented so many pieces of my experience this last year-plus.  and each time i have done it, there is a little conversation with my friends which follows.  and it’s there for keeps.  i love that!  

i don’t think it’s for everyone, but if you are thinking of blogging and hesitating,  you really can’t tell until you try it.  the great thing is that it is yours and yours alone and does not need to be like anyone else’s.  what’s the worst that can happen??

P.S.  Update regarding the March retreat here.


  1. You have left me speechless this time. I don't know what to say ... how to tell you how much I LOVE these photographs and how they have moved me deep down. Not enough words to express. Thank you, Patty. AND ... yes, I agree about blogging -- try it, you might like it. I had no idea how much fun it could be and how hooked on it I would become. I'm happy you got hooked on it too. Love your blog.

  2. i agree with what Donna wrote above!

    your photos are stunning, stunning, stunning!!!

    i was just talking about blogging the other day and the "why's" behind it, etc....

    when i looked back on why i feel i was just to put things out there and possibly be heard....because i think sometimes we don't feel that way in our everyday life.

    i am happy you are blogging so i can come visit you!!!

    loving you

  3. pretty much a stunning vote here too.
    patty how is the happy buddha? i just
    went and bought a couple of itty bitty
    buddha's the other day. i sat in front
    of the case with a big smile thinking of
    our last nite on the beach and how much
    love our group of chicks share. it fills me up.

  4. Dear Patty-such wonderfull pics and much of this post are things we spoke of today! thank you so much for the bunny you gave Tara-and I really enjoyed our visit. Sorry if I wasn't all there-sleep deprived getting Tara to sleep on her own:)

  5. Lovely photos. I will follow this blog.

  6. So true Patty. I never seem to run out of things to say, or interesting photographs to share. I think it is a good reminder that creativity is infinite. The more your create, the more available to be created.


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