Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Great Equalizer

death, you are the ultimate equalizer
patiently biding your time
while we fill our little days
with one thing and another

we strive to be strong
we strive to be rich
we strive to be pretty
we grasp what we have
because we're fooled into thinking
that gives our life meaning

you laugh at our striving
at its hollowness and vanity

we hide you in a big dark closet
we lock the door with a chain,
throw away the key
we pretend you are not there
and rarely even mention your name

 until you start knocking
or until you bust the door down
and stand in our presence
we still don't want to see you
we turn our backs on you
ignore you
pretend you are invisible

it's likely that we'll never
embrace you as a friend
and that's as it should be

but if we let you out of
your dark closet
once in a while
acknowledged your existence
and the fact that
no matter how hard we try
to make you invisible
you're never going to go away

i know we could learn from you
and i'm pretty sure
that what we would learn
is that you're not quite as scary
as we make you out to be

i apologize for crossing back over to the dark side here.  the hospice patient i have been visiting just passed away.  I had written this while i was doing the training last year and wanted to share.  just keepin it real.


  1. Patty,
    I love your post it is truly beautiful , please don't apologize I did'nt think it as sad . It beautifully written and your photography as always is just amazing. Love you G

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your patient. Your post and pictures are, as always, beautiful.
    Sending you much love ♥

  3. Beautiful, Patty. Funny how our society insists hiding from something so inevitable. I'm sure your experience with hospice has stretched your views in many ways. Helping people cross over ... such a beautiful reward in itself. Thank you for sharing with us, Patty. Love and light for you while you process all of this. Dark Side? I think perhaps just part of the beautiful circle of life.

  4. Oh Patty-this is so beautiful. But please accept my deepest sympathies at the passing of a friend. Yes...death can teach us how to live well, love deeply, realise what is truly important and keep the bullshit out. We just have this one life...
    sorry I have been so neglectful lately Patty...unpacking unapcking... and keeping up with Tara and my blog etc. we have one last POD coming this weekend. Let me know when you want to get together though...maybe for a tea. I think we just live 10-15 mins away now! Sending you lots of love and hugs until then. xxx

  5. It must be so cathartic to be able to put your feelings into words. And - such beautifully evocative images to accompany!

  6. I think it's only seemingly dark when we are afraid of it and resist it. Which I am very good at doing.

    So sorry for the loss of your friend. Change is hard all around.

    p.s. I could stare at that first photo all day. It makes me want to go exploring and see what's beyond the fog.

  7. Patty I will say a pray for you and the person who passed.
    Your words and pictures have so much meaning and emotion.
    Wow, I have reread it a half dozen times. Your last paragraph is one to remember when that inevitable door creeps open.
    Thanks for sharing that very beautiful and intimate piece of composition,

  8. BEAUTIFUL photos!!! and words!

  9. i am speechless by your beautiful words and images intertwined with them.

    so sorry to hear of your loss.

    i am sending you blankets full of love!

  10. sending you lots of love dear. lots and lots of love. holding you closely!

  11. sweet patty.
    your words are BEAUTIFUL and when coupled with your photography...well i am just like Kolleen...SPEECHLESS!

    your talent is soooo deep my friend.

  12. Hi Patty. Would you pop over to my blog sometime. You have received an award. "http://flyingsolotravelinglight.blogspot.com/"

  13. oh my thoughts are with you, patty...


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