Friday, January 7, 2011

Pockets and a New Practice

i rarely buy any clothing that doesn’t have pockets anymore.  here is a typical setup for my daily morning walk:

sweatpants left pocket:  ipod
sweatpants right pocket:  point and shoot camera (most of these shots are from this morning’s walk)
sweatshirt left pocket:  tissue in case of runny nose
sweatshirt right pocket:  doggy poo baggy (even if she doesn’t walk with me i keep it there because, well, i will need it sooner or later!)

so what does all this have to do with starting a new daily practice?? i’m getting there!  i’ve been wanting to initiate some simple practices to help me stay on course with my “imagine” word-of-the-year.  i’ve noticed that during my morning walks my mind wanders around a lot and sometimes it bumps into an idea.   an idea that i want to keep.  i try to hold the thought, but if there are too many of them or if i don’t WRITE IT DOWN, well, off into the atmosphere it goes….

so, back to the pockets.  i now have a little notebook in with the doggy poo bag (yes, the bag is empty!) and a pen in with the tissue.  oh my goodness, i am LOVING this!  i just write random stuff down while i walk.  can’t believe how many snippets have crossed my mind and are now in writing!!  i call it JOTTING.  of course i have to follow up later in the day – see what can be acted on, crossed off and so on and i still try to spend part of my walking time in a more meditative way once the thoughts are out…. but i’m feeling like just this one little practice is going to impact my life in a very good way!!!  give it a try - it may work for you too!!


  1. Oh Patty Waite .... your post today gave me a good chuckle! Thank you. Great idea I would say. Some of my more inspired ideas come to me in the night. I keep a pen and paper under the pillow next to me, and sometimes jot musings down in the dark. It's true ... they can be lost so easily. Love the photographs ... looks like an incredibly beautiful morning to me.

  2. Dear sweet's a great idea to keep a little book with you all the never know when a great idea is going to pop into your mind. I keep little books everywhere-Tara sometimes gets to them but that's okay too:)
    I also love the name of your studio...Imagine...that says it all. Perfect for creativity to bloom.
    Oh!! It must be so difficult with construction to create in such chaos??? Hopefully it will be all over soon.
    I received your e-mail and will reply shortly. xxx

  3. Jotting.... what a great idea!

    I love it that you are so close. Let's do a morning walk soon. That would be- just a bit of heaven for me.

    Hope you are recovering from all the rain.

    Big hug,

  4. Good advice, keep those ideas somewhere so they don't get lost!

    Hope all is going well with the restoration! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Welll...IMAGINE if that bag wasn't empty...just saying... ☺☺

    Beautiful pictures and a great idea - I'm for all the pockets!

  6. Gorgeous pictures!
    I usually have some paper and a pen with me because you never know when inspiration does strike. However, it's terribly unorganised and I should work on that.

  7. I have a left pocket that is perpetually full of doggy bags. I feel like they are a permanent addition to my wardrobe. ;)

    Hmmm. I do get ideas on my walks. I have a notebook in my purse so I can jot things down when I'm out and about. My trouble is that I get my best ideas while I'm driving (case in point, today), and it is awfully hard to write in a notebook *while* driving. I need a little talking device.

    Still loving your word choice!

  8. oh I love how we are creatures of habits! And I love how what seems like somewhat small changes can have a profound impact on our lives...


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