Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Boats

navigating our little boats
in this ocean of life
we all encounter rough seas
from time to time
feeling vulnerable and helpless
we let fear get the upper hand

oh, our boat may be spiffed & shined
and freshly painted
beautiful to behold
but a shiny boat
is no match for rough seas

and sometimes
we have to let someone else
step into our boat
someone who can stand beside us
grab the wheel for a bit
maneuver  us back on course
or help us lift the anchor
and drop it over the edge
or maybe just hold our hand

i’m so grateful to know
that i have people who stand ready
to jump into my little boat
and please….
don’t ever hesitate to ask me
to come along on board with you

i wrote this last month and included it with my christmas cards to family and friends.  little did i know at the time that i would be having to navigate my own little boat through the waters of a flood and needing others to step in beside me, both physically and emotionally (thank you!!!)   life is funny like that sometimes.


  1. it is so true. i am so happy that you are getting to move forward after that dang flood. the colors of those boats are making me drool

  2. So well said and beautiful pictures! Good for you to move on - that flood was pretty awful.


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