Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Big Reveal

some of you may remember that i was working on typing up my mom’s autobiography for the last couple of years (i’m not a very speedy typist!)  it was slow going at first, but as i approached the finish line, i became not only motivated to finish, but intrigued by the story.

on my last trip to michigan, we were able to dig up a bunch of old photos and i scanned about 100 of them to include in the book.  none of my family members knew how far along i was and the plan was to finish the book and get it published before christmas.  

i downloaded the software from blurb and spent quite a bit of time laying out each page so that the wording and pictures would match.  i added chapters, a table of contents, a preface in my own words, an afterward, appendices with some genealogical information and extra pictures.

finally i uploaded everything and ordered a hard cover copy for myself with a dust jacket.  i was thrilled when i received the book.  it’s really beautiful!  i did make a few final changes and then ordered copies for my siblings, nieces and nephews and sent them off  without a word to arrive before christmas.

i love that i was able to get it done and sent off without anyone knowing about it!  as you can imagine, the recipients were surprised and thrilled with their gifts.  my mom has been gone for over 13 years, but we now have a little piece of her that will live on and on.  i  learned sooo much in this process and my heart is so happy that she took the time to write out her story.   i know that she is smiling too!!


  1. you, my friend are such a blessing to all who know you.

    i can only imagine the happiness and tears shed upon receipt of this most special, heartfelt, one of a kind gift.

    sending you a great big hug and lots of love.

    i know i will see you soon...we don't live that far!!!!


    ps. the book looks amazing from the images you posted.

  2. Congratulations! What a beautiful gift! I think that's pretty amazing.

  3. Such an incredible project and the book is simply perfection, Patty! Everything you do is 'above and beyond'. I hope you appreciate yourself and are proud of this accomplishment. You have left a legacy for your family.

  4. PS: I can't get over the resemblance between you and your Mama. She was beautiful.

  5. Wow, what a wonderful gift to your family and to yourself! That is quite an accomplishment, you should be so proud!

  6. Wow, Patty! You continue to impressive me with your talents and creativity! What a beautiful idea and gift!

  7. oh my gosh!! that is the coolest thing EVER!!! good for you for getting it done, and doing such a professional job with it. what a keepsake!


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