Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Creating Space

lately i’ve felt a strong need
to create space in my life
(is this an aging thing??)

paring down useless things
giving them to the goodwill
or even the trash bin

lessoning my commitments
carving little hollows
in my schedule

taking time to do nothing

which forms empty pockets
in my brain
waiting to be filled
with bursts of inspiration

opening my heart
to allow the spaces there
to be filled
with new bonds and relationships

sometimes i feel like
maybe i’ve gone too far

and other times…
not nearly far enough

isn’t that just typical of life??

(all photos taken 3/11 Anza Borrego State Park)


  1. Oh my gosh .. the photos! I can smell the air and feel the breeze on my skin. I can see for miles .. nothing like 'the long view' to clear the cobwebs. Beautiful words, Patty. I think 'making space' does have something to do with being of a 'certain age'. An incredible time of growth in our lives. We wake up and smell a totally different kind of coffee. :o) Have I told you lately I LOVE your blog?

  2. Wonderful photos and I really recognize your thoughts.

  3. me too. i am not sure it is an age thing. i feel
    it is that we are all trying so hard to get to where
    we think we need to be that we are not being
    kind enough to ourselves. we stuff so much in those
    pockets for the sake of face, for other, for the future
    that all it does is weighs us down.

    i am with you on sweeping off the cobwebs, hauling out
    the heavy trash and finding that quiet mindful place
    that we crave most.


  4. Gorgeous photos! I think that you have to create space in order to find the things that will continue the journey of your heart.

  5. Beautifully said Patty. I don't think it is an age thing either. I think it is a stage thing tho. A stage in life that can happen more than once too. Having space is a wonderful thing - space for peace.

  6. I so adore the desert...all that wonderful space!! Beautiful! I agree with is a stage thing!

  7. Hi Patty! Can I Just Say These Photographs Are Awesome! Especially Loved The First One! You Have Such An Eye For Capturing The Perfect Moment! And Hey.. I Too Am Experiencing The Need To Declutter. (Is That Actually A Word?) The Past Two Weekends Have Had My Husband Backing Up His Truck And Hauling Off Every Single Thing We Haven't Used Within The Last Five Years. For Me..I Theorize This Newest Need To Thin Out Is Quite Possibly Age Related. But All I Really Know For Sure Is I'm Sure Breathing Better With All The New Space Around Me. Hugs, Terri

  8. oh that first picture is so dreamy! Simplifying...yes, I'm with you on that. it feels so good to do a clearing once in a while. or all the time. :)


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