Monday, March 21, 2011


i love words
words with muscles
strong enough
to bear gifts on their backs
 that become conduits
into the soul
direct flight
the next best thing
to reality

sometimes just
can have a more
powerful voice than
one hundred

they visit me
and uninvited
but usually when
i’ve been able to clear
the brain clutter
and give them
a little corner in there…

what would we ever do
without them??


  1. Your first collage with words has some awfully fun ones on it. Words we don't use nearly enough, in my opinion.

    Yo, Patty. I feel very discombobulated today. I saw my first marsupial while on a walk and it was so exhilarating that the excitement of it juxtaposed with my generally somnolent nature flummoxed me. Plus, there is a preponderance of malevolence in a few areas and it reverberates around the world.

    Ok, I can't fit pejorative in there easily, but I tried. ;)

  2. Great words, great pictures. I especially like the last one, and the tomatoes in the water (ocean or Salton Sea?).

  3. the tomotoes sign in the water is so funny!
    love those images.

  4. This is wonderful! Love that first collage with those amazing words. So true..and so inspiring!

  5. your words seem to be taking you on an exploration these days....of poetry, of creative writing...I can't wait for more!


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