Thursday, March 24, 2011

Opening up

i’ve observed a tendency for some people to close down a bit with aging.  to become more entrenched in ideas and behavior patterns that have served them throughout their lives. 
 to view the world from within the confines of those ideas and to view those with different beliefs (be they cultural, political, religious, artistic, psycho-social, whatever…) or life-styles as less informed, incorrect or simply “less than”.

not only do i NOT want to fall prey to this tendency, i want to go in the other direction as i age.  becoming MORE open to new ideas, MORE open to reality as it presents itself
(whether or not it meets my expectations),
MORE accepting of others, MORE non-judgmental, MORE compassionate.  we are ALL connected, all “cut from the same cloth”.  we have many more similarities than differences.  

 i want to breathe more,
notice more,
feel more,
share more,
give more.

 it’s not easy.  but i feel that stating the intention is the first
 step.  we can learn SO much from each other.   
we just need to listen with an OPEN heart.

  i’m keeping all of this in mind as i prepare for the next space between retreat
which has been time-shifted to NEXT weekend due to SNOW
(like i said, reality presenting itself, not necessarily according to my expectations!)


  1. mmmm.....the sunflowers make me drool
    and you statement of intention does as well.

    this makes me think. and for me my biggest
    issue is the "being open" especially to others.
    really want to work on that.

    have fun at your retreat. want to hear more.

  2. thank you, this is a good message for me.

  3. i simply adore you patty.

    these words speak VOLUMES....BIG, GIANT, FAT VOLUMES!!

    i believe your retreat is going to be magic.


  4. I'm just getting caught up with your posts. Loved "Words". I'm with you on this post also. I have so much I want to do, share, be, put out there, take in, emit, gather, hold, let fly ... well, Patty, you get the idea. I feel like I am exploding and I love it. So happy you are feeling the same way. I believe it to be a very good thing. Hugs from Mexico.

  5. Patty-this is an amazing post...I love your "open-ness" to life. I agree with many people stagnate, freeze up...remain closed off to life. If you get a chance, read the Mary Oliver interview in this month's O...she is 75 nad (i think) her interview speaks a lot of what you write about here.
    Oh! So sorry your retreat has been postponed...hope it warms up! Also...hope we can get together ...soon:)

  6. I am with you Patty. I feel as though my heart is only beginning to open...

  7. Oh, I wish that more people both young and old had a self confidence so they could feel open for new things like you describe.

  8. love the sequence of the photos! and i agree fully with your words and intentions!!

  9. Patty, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for the remider of what's really important as we get older.

  10. your photos always leave me saying "wow, wow, wow" ~ and know that as I sit here in my apartment alone those words are spoken out loud. Simply stunning. Sunflowers are my favorite flower...these photographs made me smile from ear to ear.

    My dear Patty you have this amazing open mind. One that I admire. I know as you get older your mind will crack a little bit more open with each passing year. It is beautiful and a gift. You are such light in this world.


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