Tuesday, March 29, 2011


our moments march
forever facing forward
some pretty, others less endearing
each one passing
politely yielding to the next

then silently surrendering
their own original fibers
into the fabric of the whole
a fabric rich and colorful
and utterly unique

 some are woven
of intense and vibrant hues
full of texture, enticing and inviting

 though others are dark,
irregular in weave,
even filled with holes
or unraveling,
their stories are no less compelling

 when the moments cease
the fabric remains
bathed in buoyant nostalgia
and dripping with dreams
fulfilled (or not),
a lasting legacy to
the finite parade of moments



  1. Patty. I love these pictures. The textures and the colors are just beautiful, but your word just put it all together like a perfect bow...Love G

  2. Beautiful Patty!

  3. Capturing Magic ... that's what you do best. Words and photos ... pure magic.

  4. Such stunning combinations of colors and textures and patterns. Gorgeous!


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