Wednesday, March 16, 2011


growing up, i was taught that life was pretty much black and white.  cut and dried.  that the answers to any and all questions about life and the universe were contained between the covers of one book.  i tried really hard to believe that, but i had a lot of trouble.  i eventually found it too confining and have since stepped beyond those confines and opened myself up to mystery.

 there are a lot of people who think they have life all figured out and i can’t fault them for that.  obviously, it’s comforting and maybe they know something i don’t.   but personally, not only do i feel that i don’t know the answers to life’s “big questions”, but i feel that they are “unknowable”.  

 we humans have not been so gifted with definitive answers and i believe that’s a good thing - therein lies the mystery!  look up at the night sky (or at some of the landscapes here) and you can’t help but be struck by it.  i love it – the total sense of awe and wonder.

 maybe it’s just me, but i would find a life in which i thought i knew all the answers to be on the boring side.  i love exploring new ideas, searching, learning and staying open to new experiences.  it’s such a rich and wondrous life, filled with treasures, lessons and, yes, mystery.  i embrace it!!


  1. know i love this one.
    your words and images move me to
    tears. we dont' have the landscape
    that you do. but what the midwest
    does have are amazing sunsets and sunrises.
    and soon i will be back at the golf course
    watching that morning sun rise over the greens.
    oh and the harvest moons. always get me.

  2. i agree with you fully...there's just so much out there that we can't explain, can't comprehend, can't possible understand...and that's awesome...i love the mystery too!!!

    your photos are wonderful...i just want to go there and explore!

  3. Ditto. I don't know that I tried very hard to believe it, though I did think that there was something wrong with me because I couldn't (or thought it would be easier and simpler if I could). I do like magic and mystery. And I love learning new things. How do we really know anything.

    That MOON! I must use capital letters for it.

  4. such very wonderful photos...congratulations on them! also enjoy your perspectives. i was also taught that things were pretty much cut and dry when i was growing up. found out it can all change and fall apart in a minute. learned a whole lot since...needed to & wanted to. totally humbled & usually patient now. i continue to love learning and to honor all of life's mysteries.

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog as I love to read your thoughts - they give me so much. Today I've also learned a new word, awe. I have put it on my list of important English words I just have to learn.

  6. Such a wonderful post, Patty and so true. The older I get the less I know, and the more exciting and expanded my life becomes because of it. Hard to pick a favorite photo, however La Luna always hold magic for me. Exquisite shot!

  7. I definitely haven't life figured out and I'm not sure I really want to. I prefer the mystery.
    Your photos are breath taking! That moon picture is stunning. Just taken recently, when the moon was so close to earth (she was hiding behind big rainy clouds here)?


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