Sunday, March 6, 2011

Off the Grid

off the grid
and i’ve stumbled into
a different realm of reality

the sweetness of it all
washes over me, through me
dripping into the parched pockets,
nooks and crannies
that make up the chambers
of all that is me.

from this place
more of me arises
ready to be poured
out of the pitcher
and spilled onto the page

this space infuses me
and allows my inner pieces
to wriggle around
and find an opening
squeezing out of their hiding places
tiny little morsels break free
and come out
into the light of day

at first they are nearly
 blinded by the light
after being held captive
so long in darkness
but i ask you....

who can resist
the light for long?

 (all photos taken 3/3/11, anza borrego state park)


  1. What a lovely place to unwind. We were thinking of visiting Anza Borrego this spring beak, and after seeing your pictures I think we really should!

  2. So wondrous Patty ... your words together with your photographs. I keep using the word inspired .. however I can think of no other .. and you have done it again! Inspired me. Thank you.

  3. mmmmmm....perfect this cold and rainy day here in middle earth.

  4. what a lovely place...i definitely have to get there!! Love your poem along side your photos...wonderful!!

  5. the wonders of the desert. thank you for sharing them - i have never really properly visited desert.

  6. Patty-these pictures are so beautiful...i see why you wanted to get back out there! The snow capped mountains and the desert +wildflowers? Who can resist?
    Thanks so much for reading my interview with Rita (I can't believe she let me interview her!!). She is seriously amazing in the work that she does. I don't think you and I ever talked about this but YES! There are over 50 MILLION (yes...MILLION) girls/women missing from India. A genocide of this scale with no worldwide attention and no end in sight.
    Looking forward to our lunch on Fri...good luck with the taxes! xxx

  7. Your images speak to the space you're creating. Wonderful post!


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