Monday, November 29, 2010

Beauties of Unfurl (Vol. 2 of 2)

snapping shutters

lots of hats

lots of baubles

comfy jammies

hushed conversations

erupting laughter

photo shows

 products to purchase

 coffee brewing

sunshine after rain

cavorting dogs

cavorting people

beach walks

sandy boots

shared stories

cheerful shops

shiva nata

photo walk


group portraits


stunning sunsets

candles burning

sharing light

treasured gifts

presence of those absent

champagne and sundaes

hugs and tears

hearts unfurling

pretty amazing...


  1. I need to experience some of this. I require some group creativity. Gotta find me some. Such wonderful memories you are creating, Patty. AND ... look where this is leading you. Incredible ... you are DOING IT. Rock on!

  2. love, love, love seeing the group photo. so happy that you were all there. you ladies are stunning!

  3. Dear Patty-this is SO exciting! Is this your workshop...the one you taught recently? It looks just amazing! Is is a photography workshop...and where where you guys? Oh bliss!
    I finally have a minute to write was raining the first couple of days we were here...but golden liquid sunshine after that!! I can get used to this Patty!! We are busy looking for a place...staying on Miramar right now...Can't wait to meet up! xxx

  4. Oh Patty, that looks like it was so much fun...I wish hard that I will get to attend something like that too...hope your Thanksgiving was great...

  5. Sweet! I was wondering how that group shot turned out...


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