Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to "Imagine"

as the year winds down and i start thinking about a new word for 2012, it also means it’s the end of my “imagine” year.  i find i’m reluctant to let it go….  partly because i don’t think i’ve arrived at my imagine-destination and also because i just really like the word and want to continue to incorporate it into my life.  after all, i named my studio after it – which of course means that it will continue to be very present for me!

the way i'm trying to look at this is that each word adds some new dimensions and practices to my life, therefore altering it permanently.  so it’s not that at the end of the year that’s it and there’s no more imagine.  no, no,no, it should now be ingrained,  just as the practices from my “justbe” year have become.  i think they build on each other, helping us to evolve in new and interesting ways. they take an idea that resonates with us on a deep level and prompt it to become intentional.

so although i have not necessarily transformed myself into a wildly imaginative person…. imagine has led me into some new practices that have become important to my everyday routines.  i still take my notepad, pen and camera (usually phone) on every hike.  sometimes nothing results, but i can’t tell you the wealth of fabulous shots i have encountered and ideas that i never would have remembered.  a really small thing that has had some amazing results!

i also spend  a little time most days with my “brain-storming” journal.  quite often i end up looking over old ideas (and sometimes being a little overwhelmed) as opposed to writing down new ones, but it’s good way not to forget them.  it keeps me focused and organized.  i have my journal categorized into different topics, so there is a lot of good stuff in there!

all in all, i do think it helps having that word as a reminder.  there is soooooo much information and stimulation out there.  i find it really easy to get distracted, so having the word to come back to is a good thing.  have you chosen one??

i'm scheduling this to post one minute before midnight on new year's eve so......

HAPPY NEW YEAR - the best is yet to come - believe it!!!!


  1. Yes, Patty ... I have chosen my word ... I'll be posting it tomorrow so stand by! You do realize I choose a word or phrase each year because of you. Yes, it was your inspiration which got me going on that and I find it so much better than a resolution for me personally. So, my dear ... thank you for that. Happy New Year! xxDonna

  2. Haven't thought about a word for myself, but I'm looking forward to see what word you will have for 2012.

    Maybe I'll try to find my own word.

  3. what a wonderful choose a word for the year..i will have to try this..what word will it be? i will think on this and post on my blog. I will give you credit for the idea and link to your blog if thats ok. thank you & happy new year

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Patty. I'm way behind and didn't even realize you had a word for the year. What a fantastic idea. If you read my yearly resolution you would think I would use ORGANIZATION as my word because I'm continually reorganizing and attempting to use up what I have stashed away.

    However, I honestly feel like stealing your IMAGINE for 2012. Just imagine the results if I actually finished a stack of projects.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the very best to you for 2012.

  5. Even though 2011 has come to a close I feel Imagine is still with you. It has become ingrained inside of you. I like to look at it like a name. It is another name added to yours. A piece of you that will always be with you. So far I am: Jennifer Wings Brave Love Michelle Belthoff and you are Patty Imagine Waite

  6. Love Jennifers comment above!

    I don't have a word as much as I have a feeling - gentleness.

    You should keep imagine and just add to it. Imagine yourself in NZ for instance. I hear Costa Rica is cool but NZ is just far cooooler.... Imagine that?? ;)

  7. in metaphysics the year is based on a word...this year is enchantment...and i find that totally intriguing!! As Im not really sure what it means to me but am excited to see how it unfolds!!

    Happy New Year Patty!!

  8. I don't think you have to let go of let in another. I think they build upon one another..and from that - we grow. Looking forward to seeing your new word for this new year. Happy 2012!!!

  9. Dear Patty-thanks so much for your birthday wishes...and a Very Happy New Year to you!!! Oh!! You are in sunny Arizona-enjoy!! I think this time of year is perfect....and those red mountains will inspire tons of great pics!! I am glad you guys got away after such a difficult month of loss.
    I love this post Patty....and I agree with you about being intentional in what we create and practice.
    Well..we are trying to settle in...will have a phone number etc for you as soon as I can. will chat soon. xxx

  10. Patty, I think you did pretty good with your word, and I can also understand how difficult it is to part with it. But why part anyway?
    I haven't chosen a new word for 2012. My "old" word was authentic, and I feel that's valid for a lifetime.

  11. I've so enjoyed your word posts. Should I or shouldn't I.... After reading Soraya's word post and following the link to your blog I've made up my mind to choose a word for the year. Love your photos in the last post too.


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