Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letting Go

Muffin 2000 - 2011

we rescued her over 8 years ago, when she was 3.  she had already made a round of homes and had experiences which left permanent scars.  her defensive demeanor wouldn’t be endearing to many potential owners, but we just loved her more for it and viewed her low growling as “purring”. 

  i was gone a lot, still working full-time and then some, and she and stu bonded like crazy glue.  she worshipped the ground he walked on, lived and breathed to be in his presence and he ate it right up, taking her everywhere in his truck.  when he got caught once by one of those annoying red-light cameras, there was no mistaking him – there was muffin in her usual spot, propped on his lap.

never having had kids, we have freely allowed our dogs to fill that void, completely inhabiting that place in our hearts that needs to nurture.  our conversations at home involve and revolve around our furry friends to probably a ridiculous degree in most folks’ opinions.  oh well.

we have had 4 dogs, all cocker spaniels, because, well, we like them and they are the perfect size and temperament for our traveling and hiking life-style.  each one has been unique, but of the 4, muffin exhibited the most pronounced zest for life.  she had a lot of voices and we didn’t mind triggering those, all in good fun.

so now comes the down-side of all that bonding.  the time to let go.  the time to say good-bye.  the time to realize that our friends are only with us for a limited time – just long enough to teach us the lessons they are bringing.  of course they live on in our hearts, but it is oh, so hard to say that final good-bye.  


  1. that was a lovey story how Muffin came to be with you...all 4 dogs are beautiful and like you said do remain in your heart forever..i can attest to that.

  2. We are so blessed to have our 'babies', but oh how hard it is to say goodbye. Such a beautiful photo tribute to Muffin. The four of them together .. a nice family. Thinking of you both. xxDonna

  3. love muffin's look in the christmas costume. they are all just so sweet. sending much love your way.

  4. A wonderful post with so much love. Your dogs are so sweet and must have given you much joy.

  5. sending you a big hug patty. muffin was a lucky chick having you and stu.

  6. Tears rolling down my cheeks. So sorry for you and your loss. Nothing compares to losing a loved pet!

  7. Oh, Patty. My heart is breaking a little for you. I can only imagine how it feels. Sending a tearful hug and blowing a kiss into the air for Muffin. May she rest in peace.

  8. Awww...this post touched my heart. Your sweet sweet babies were lucky to have a mommy and daddy who loved them so.
    Hope you continue to art*journal with Muffin in mind... baby cat of 18 years died in October last year and once I painted a pumpkin in her honor, I released some of that pent up emotion. See pumpkin HERE:

    Sending you thoughts and sincere apologies for your lost.

  9. Hi Patty. So sorry to read about your loss. If you ever find the book "Angel Dogs" it will help you understand the reason we have them and their lives go on helping others.

    I have not been actively reading my favorite blogs but hope to get back to it after the holidays.

    I jumped in today to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful new year sharing your live with your hubby and friends.


  10. She was such a cute dog, and in your heart, Patty, she is living forever. Yes, I agree, it is so hard to say that final goodbye, to let go. I hope all the wonderful memories will make you smile, though.

  11. So sorry you have experienced the loss of your dear companion. We lost our beloved Ben about 8 months ago and what a gap he left in our lives. Also a dog with scars and issues as he came to us as an adult but we fell head over heels in love with him.


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