Friday, June 11, 2010


Excerpt from Nomadic Notebook IV - Southwestern Sojourn

i realize that this has nothing to do with talk about creativity, blogs, social networking, etc. etc. that's taking place in flying lessons.  it's intentional.  i need a break.  it's information overload and while much of it is fabulous and inspirational, some parts of it are making me crazy.  i have to back away a bit.

i get that the course is about building a business.  and for most (all?) that means selling.  but it's teaching me something about myself as well.  at least at this point in time.  i realize this may be a little radical, but i'm shying away from selling.  i'm sensing it more and more.   i want my blog to be an inviting, friendly and inspirational place and the whole idea of being here just here to sell stuff kind of turns me off. 

it's just me and i felt the need to get that off my chest.  i may feel differently next week.  or next month or next year.  but for today, i hope you enjoy a little break with the ripples!  i do have more thoughts about creativity, but they will have to wait.  thanks for stopping!


  1. I know what you mean...I think of my blog as about sharing, not selling. Sharing this journey and like Kelly said, making it my kitchen table filled with all sorts of things I find interesting. Have a great weekend! Love the pics!

  2. i love this Patty!!

    i love the way you share and are so open with us that visit you at "your kitchen table".....


    your images and words about ripples
    they are so true....really inspiring!!!

    thank you for YOU!


  3. I applaud your decision, Patty. Listen to that inner voice! I love the message and the beautiful pictures of this post!

  4. Ah, the sand dunes, the sand dunes! So very beautiful, Patty. Follow your heart - you are absolutely right. Our inner voices are the most important voice to listen to. I'm still learning that .... little by little.

  5. Patty great stuff. As was said before the writing is very open and friendly and inviting. I stayed way longer than I planned reading the many posts. It is so important to listen and follow that inner voice. I am working on that now and I tell you, I am no where near where I need or want to be. But you have certainly strengthen my resolve. Thanks for the words and photos.

  6. I must confess that I'm with you. For me, all of the social media stuff is just about being myself and sharing the things I want to share with others. If it leads to business, cool, but that's not why I do it. Come to think of it, if that ever became the reason why I blogged, I would stop immediately. So yeah, I'm with you. :)


  7. I adore your honesty. And love stopping by here to read what you write and to soak in your images. Your photos are eye candy to my heart and soul. They stop me dead in my tracks and remind me to pause. That is a gift you have dear Patty ~ by simply being you.

  8. Patty your blog is awesome, not much tweeking to do. I know what you mean though. It's hard to fit everything in. Since the weekend started it's taken me til now, Sunday night 9:00 pm to finally get on my computer. Having a whole day would be very nice. I'm glad I gave you a little inspiration to start tweeking around. I am reallly new at this, so I'm sure once you get started you will be off.
    I be checking your posts, you really do have some good things to say.


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