Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Losing Myself

i’m losing myself

i hate when that happens

…swallowed by a vast teaming ocean

of which my innocent-looking desktop computer

is the portal

once i enter this sea

i am jostled about

in a little boat

(disguised as a mouse)

this ocean has many waves

which carry me to many shores

some of which are so inviting

but the waves can be powerful

and it’s easy to get lost

and forget where i am

sometimes i get seasick

and long to be on dry land again.

do you ever feel this way??


  1. Hi Patty! Every time I see some of your beautiful ocean heart turns over! Gorgeous!

    And thanks for popping over earlier. I was so happy to hear your good news about hospice. I just knew you would enrich the lives of those you touch there! And it's only the beginning of your journey. Please continue to update me regarding your newest experiences there. I have a true interest.

    When I arrived here today, I took a stroll through some of your previous postings. Your site has quickly become one of my favorites. BTW..I'd sure like to take a dip in some of that crystal clear water in these photos..Middle Georgia has had temps in the high-90's for the past three days. Enough already.

  2. yes, and often.

    those photos are beautiful- i just returned from the oregon coast and if it weren't so sunny, your pics would remind me of that!

  3. Yes, almost everyday. Call me mouse.

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I want to be where those were taken. ☺

  4. Oh I know just how you are feeling Miss Patty! Do not dispair - sometimes when we feel lost, 'stuff' is just bubbling up in side us ... and then suddenly 'voila' --- a new idea, or a creative moment - or an aha minuto! Your photos are mucho bueno!

  5. Wow! Patty thies pictures and the prose took me away. I so understand your feeling like donna says it is the process of creating the next important, beautiful morning. Hold tight the new day is dawning - the calm

  6. I love this!!! And yes, I feel the same way on many occasions! I love the them!!! And thanks for the heartfelt comment meant a lot to me!

  7. Dear Patty-I love your words and images-they fit me perfectly right now! Just hold on tight-sometimes when we think we are losing ourselves-we are actually expanding and changing ourSELVES:)=GROWTH!

  8. oh my gosh...i am so with you on this one dearest patty.
    you hit this right on the money sweetheart.
    i have to sometimes go "unplugged" so i can get comfortable with "myself" again...i get WAAAAAY lost in all the enormity of talent that surrounds me and makes me feel small.


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