Monday, June 28, 2010

Gourds Galore!!

my friend carolyn is a fabulous gourd artist (not to mention an incredible painter of wildlife).

yesterday i went with another friend, carol, to visit her booth at the international gourd festival, held out in the boonies, at the very dead end of a long and winding road at the welburn gourd farm. we were completely and utterly blown away by the variety of creations on display, all starting with gourds!

carolyn's booth

more of her work

gourds for sale

and more amazing gourd creations....

                                                        (yes, it's a gourd!)

in other news, i've just launched my space between creativity retreat blog. i'm hoping that carolyn will be joining us and doing a gourd workshop!!!


  1. wow! very cool!

    and i'm excited to go check out your retreat blog!

  2. It's a rarity for me to be a little 'green around the gills', however I did have just a twinge! You are one brave broad! I admire you from the tips of my toes all the way up. You have courage and strength you are not even aware of. I would give anything to be joining you. The gourds are something I have always been interested in - and Carolyn is Extremely Talented! Lucky ducks who are going to this with you. Rock On Miss Patty. You couldn't fall off the path if you tried.

  3. I cannot believe that gum ball gourd!

    Woo-hoo on the retreat website!!! You rock!

  4. wow they are amazing! And oh Patty, so excited to see your new blog - the retreat sounds like the realisation of a true dream, I'm so happy for you! (and wish I wasn't so far away in New Zealand as would LOVE to attend something like this)!

  5. Dear Patty--all these made from gourds!! Amazing!! How are you holding up with class dear Patty? There is just so much info, isn't there? But it seem as if you were inspired to ....create a new blog + retreat!! way to go Patty:) Our last week together in class. I am trying to set up my website ...lots of learning! xxx

  6. those are some fancy gourds!! i cannot believe the gumball machine one!! :)


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