Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drawing Lines

no, not that kind. i’m not creating a drawing here. i’m attempting to create a life. i want it to be a life that nourishes and inspires others, but i get that that won’t happen if i’m not nourished and inspired myself.

i seem to require quite a bit of time and space for this self-nourishment to occur and short-cuts don’t seem to do it. so i end up having to draw lines. 
 call them boundaries if you wish. stopping points. discipline. saying no. whatever. 

it’s been a whole year now since i’ve been working in a regular job. i’ve tried to be careful as far as what i’ve become involved in, cautious not to over-commit. yet each involvement that i’ve taken on has the power to “suck me in” and so quickly bring me to a place where i end up losing that nourishment space.  not to mention the ability to create.


so i’m actively in a line-drawing mode -

for my gallery involvements

for my group participations

for my volunteer work

for my social commitments

for my online presence

for my learning endeavors

it’s not easy to do. maybe with practice i’ll get better at it.
because i know that it’s so so worth it!


  1. You are such a wise woman. You can do it. Your photos take my breathe away. I can walk into your creations and never want to leave. They are truly soul food. Thank you!

  2. practice does make perfect...(or somewhere close to perfect anyway)

  3. Just print those words of yours out, and hand them gently to people who want more of you than you want to give. It's a lovely explanation...

  4. practice helps. and the people that care about you want you to take care of yourself. xoxo

  5. Dear Patty-yes! I totally see that a lot of our posts are similar. speaking of lines/boundaries....YES YES YES! I had to do the very same thing and it is absolutely the very best gift you can give yourSELF and those you love. It gets easier with practice. Also-I came across a blog (it's an awesome foodie blog) where the lady has lots of people comment and she answers them all in one go in her comment section. Maybe that's a way to handle the question you were asking. Just an idea! Big hugs xxx

  6. Also-loved your suggestions. Poetry is so nourishing...Rumi, Gibran, Shange, Mary Oliver...words I can savor and digest.

  7. I have not worked a "regular" job for 5 years. I am still practicing setting my boundaries and drawing my lines! It is an almost constant process of checking in with my own well being.

    Your photos are stunning!

  8. hi sweet patty!

    i am finally getting back into the groove and getting to visit everyone!!

    i know with practice things get better and better
    and i also am a believer in listening to your little whispers,
    your intuition on the things you may have to say "no" to right now.

    i hope it gets easier!
    love you...and sending a great big hug your way!


  9. This is so true - that before we can even think of others, we have to take care of ourselves first because what good are we to others if we neglect to nourish ourselves first.

    I'm glad you're 'drawing the line'.

  10. Hi from over at Flying Lessons,
    Wow -- these are beautiful photos! You're so talented. Good luck with your ventures.


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