Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts on Creativity

i’ve always been fascinated with the whole creativity concept. funny thing is, i don’t really fit the image of what i’ve always considered a creative person to be. you know, a “colorful” person that spontaneously thinks up lots of  wild and unusual ideas and solutions to things. quickly. you want me to come up with good ideas? give me the situation and then let me think about it for a day or two. or more. that’s just the way my brain works. does it mean i’m not creative? hmmmm…..

since i started this whole creative journey, back in 2001, lots of people have said, “oh, you’re so creative”. (in fact, a friend told me recently that she looks forward to receiving my christmas card each year, more than any other.) i tend to accept these remarks as compliments, but secretly i’m thinking…."if they really knew me, they wouldn’t say that. i guess i’ve fooled them".

lately i've come to a new realization - that that "creative person" concept that i've had is just a silly stereotype! we are all creative. did you get that?? we. are. all. creative. ALL! sure, some are fabulous painters (which seems to be most people's stereotype of the creative artist.) some can write great songs, some can produce amazing sculptures. but what about the person with the gorgeous garden? or the knack for home-decorating? aren't these forms of creativity as well?

my new mantra is this:
 everyone is creative. some just haven't yet found their venue.
 i really believe that and it's one of the tenets of my space between creativity retreats.

in my own case, i've been pursuing photography for about 7 years now. i love it, but then so do a gazillion other people. i feel the need to tweak it in some fashion or to use it in a different way than printing and framing images. like in powerpoints - love doing that. i'm including a few of my "tweaking" experiments here.  it's a work in progress, for sure!!


  1. I simply am agaw that you use the word 'tweaking'!! I use it as well only usually 'tweeking' ... what a laugh. I decided lately I could be a professional 'tweeker' and start a 'tweeking' company. Advise on how to make just about anything a little bit more ... a little bit funkier ... a little bit more daring ... whatever! Just a little more of just about anything. Creative? Yes, the best lawyer is creative in her argument, the best mother is every so creative in just about everything she does ... I could go on. YES ... we all have it. It is about tapping into our supply. That is the great adventure isn't it!

  2. Thanks for your inspirational words, Patty. For most of my life I had a preconceived idea as to what an artist is. I didn't fit in that mold. Recently, I came to the conclusion that I am an artist (if only in my mind). I love your mantra!

  3. I love the canvas with your bits of pictures! I have the same dilemma photography but how do I make it more ART-like with a capital A? I'm loving photo transfers and working with cloth...bringing out the old sewing stuff from junior high days and mixing up that media! <3

  4. i love your photography miss patty.
    it ALWAYS speaks to me and i don.t care how many other photographers are out there...i will ALWAYS come back to you for inspiration..especially in nature.
    loves to you.

  5. dear Patty-I absolutely agree with you re. creativity! We are ALL creative. I wrote a post about this very subject a short while back and it is true. You have a magical eye for doesn't matter how many photographers, artists, writers there are out there-there's only one you! With your unique vision and creative spirit.
    Thank you so much for signing the petition. This is something I have been committed to for some time...even more so now that i have a little girl. xxx
    P.S. I am still interested in that question you asked Kelly-maybe we should ask again?

  6. P.S. LOVE that last collage on nature. The colors are...stunning!

  7. i love your photography too Patty! totally understand where you're coming from - there are so many stereotypes about what makes a person creative and really it just comes differently for all of us. I'm a bit like you and often need to take a few days to think over (or come up with!) an idea! you are so right, we are all creative. I love your mantra! hope you are having a lovely week with a little less overwhelm (hard isn't it with so much going on?) take care! :)

  8. State this out loud right now ~ "I am creative" Ok, now say it one more time a little louder :)

    What you create is stunning and totally YOU! Which makes it so special. I feel like you have been reading my mind with this post. I have been thinking the same thing recently. Then I ventured back to my childhood and thought of things I created even before I understood the word artist.

    But you dear Patty are an artist. And what you do ~ no one else in the world can do. Because only you see it that way. And that is an incredible thing.

    I adore you!

  9. I could not agree with you more! I hear "I'm not creative" every day...and frankly, I just want to scream "YES YOU ARE!" We can be so self self depreciating. All you need is a desire to create something...and it will blossom from there.

    Patty, your photos are AMAZING! I cannot believe you've only been doing this for 7 years...goodness! And your skills with Photoshop are something to envy...


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