Monday, June 7, 2010

Creative Whispers

I haven't really had a chance to address what everyone out here in blog-land seems to be talking about. it's kelly rae's flying lessons! one week down, four to go. i had the good fortune to spend time with kelly rae last fall at the bepresent retreat and, let me tell you, she is something special!  i signed up at the very last minute and have been pretty well blown away not only by the content, but by the connections we are all making with one another. who knew? not me, for sure!

one of our very first topics involved noticing and attending to our creative whispers. here's my truth. for most of my life i ignored them. oh, sure, when i was teaching special ed. and reading i had to come up with creative ways to solve problems and work with difficult kids. i pulled out all the stops in that regard. i was using creative energy, but it’s not the same thing as creative expression. producing something that was uniquely mine. other than photographing our travels and the occasional journal entry, there really was none of that in my life.

then in 2001, we decided to make a drastic life change. i took a leave of absence from my job, we sold our dream home and most of our possessions and set out in a motorhome to see the country. i packed a copy of julia cameron's the artist's way with me. little did i know how it would change my life!! i started writing poetry and getting serious about photography and my creative journey began in earnest.

i want to post more in the future about some directions my current creative whispers seem to be leading me in, but for now, there's a little history!

(in high school, i was very much into drama and music, but my counselors encouraged me away from all that and toward "college prep" stuff. sad.)


  1. k...gonna try this again! i have been having so many problems with my blogger account?!?! frustrating!!

    i love this post all of your photos and love that you and i are flying together. there is so much goodness in this class and so much generosity from Kelly Rae.

    i couldn't agree more that there is quite a difference between creative energy vs creative expression.

    cannot wait to hear more about your whispers!!

  2. We must be soul sisters! Thank you for coming over to my blog, Soul to Substance. When I popped over here to check out your blog, my mouth was agape at your blog business is called Nomadic Creations, and the one book that I travel with is the complete Julia Cameron series...she is so awesome!! I am loving Kelly Rae's class..thank you for the comment on my blog and website, I just this minute finished up design and to see your kind comment was serendipity! We are moving back to Tennessee this August for a while, then hopefully back on the road. My hubs is going to graduate school, so we need to be in one place for 18 months or so. I am looking forward to reading more about your travels, both inwardly and outwardly...xoxoxo!

  3. Did I tell you my 'creative whispers' are getting so loud and boisterous they are uncomfortable? It is time to take action, I know that. So many questions though!

  4. Hi Miss Patty. Thanks so much for visiting me tonight. I've thought about you so often of late. I'm just sitting here admiring your beautiful photography! These scenes from the beach are some of the prettiest compositions I've ever seen. And..I truly enjoyed the way you communicated your creative-direction. Such a courageous step you took in selling your home and setting out to explore the country. You sincerely inspire me.

    And goodness gracious alive, yes and yes again..I've been hearing the undertones of my "creative whispers," too. Kelly Rae and her "Flying Lessons," are incredible. She's really putting so much in proper perspective for me.

    I'm anxious to learn more as I come back to read your future posts, about your journey. When I pop in, I'll be enjoying your photography as well. Patty, you are every bit an artist and I'm so pleased to have met you.

    Happiness & Summer Sunshine, Terri

  5. How exciting and brave and adventurous of you to just pack up and explore the country! I'm sure there were lots to learn and discover in that experience. And how sad is it when parents, counselors, and other people ignore our interest or calling for creative arts and push us in a more 'corporate' path? But it's never too late to go for your dreams, right? :D

  6. just adore these photos! so happy you are enjoying kelly's class. the bepresent retreat sounds incredible as well. will have to keep that in mind :) thank you for being so inspiring!

    best wishes,

  7. Your photos are beautiful and make me want to pack up the kid and go to the beach for the day!

    I know what you mean about ignoring your creative whispers! I have on and off for years. Now they have transformed into creative yellings!

  8. Hi Patty, your story is so inspiring! I am not suprised you had 'The Artist's Way' packed in your pocket when you embarked on your adventure, it is a true treasure - as is Kelly's course! These are gorgeous photos, long grass and sand dunes make me think of our childhood summer holidays... lovely! :)

  9. I enjoyed your post (beautiful pictures and great history). I can relate to be nudged in a different direction in high school. As a result of that kind of nudge I am living a different life than my "whispers." I hope to answer my whispers with the inspiration and encouragement from Kelly Rae's course.

  10. I am so glad you enrolled in the ecourse! You are so creative Patty! You are such a gifted writer and a brillant photographer!

  11. I think these are some of my favorites of your photos. Beautiful.


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