Monday, December 20, 2010

Yes, It's Done!

i still can't believe how quickly this all came about.... just a few short months ago i set up my art supplies here in this garden shed/makeshift studio....

but, alas... dirt, rodents, termite-ridden wood and the elements prompted us to do this....

 resulting in this.... 

and soon....

 shortly after we made plans to re-build the space into a REAL ROOM

to say i'm excited and thrilled at the possibilities would be an understatement..... i mean seriously, this is the best Christmas present EVER!!!

so why have i been kind of reluctant to share this and shout at the top of my lungs???

i'm trying to analyze it..... i have to be honest.... part of me is completely intimidated at the idea of having a "real studio".  those little negative voices that whisper "who do you think you are?" and "you have not done anything to warrant having a studio" are in full swing right about now.

and then there's the money angle.  i ended up spending quite a few hard-earned dollars of savings on this project.  and i'm not really earning any money right now. ( i'm just so fortunate that the state of ca, even in its pathetic financial condition, sends me a check for all those years of teaching its children.)  so, how can i "justify" this expense??  and now i have to spend even more if i plan to have any furniture in there.  sigh.  thrift stores, here i come!

in the end, i think the happy thoughts are going to win out.  i've been bringing a few things out there and it's starting to feel real. i'm imagining having friends over to share my space and do all kinds of fun stuff!!

i'm going to take my time and see what transpires from here....


  1. i know exactly what you're feeling. right now my studio is sharing a space with a bedroom. i am contemplating combining our two semi-empty bedrooms and having just one extra bedroom and one room designated to my studio alone. i can't seem to justify taking over that space just for me, even though i use my studio space a lot now that i am making my journals. you and i both deserve the space...we have earned that space...and we should enjoy that space, guilt free. just take it one step at a time, fill it with things you love, enjoy your time in there and your happiness will make it worth all the money in the world. YOU deserve it. you do. enjoy. ♥

  2. Congratulations Patty, it's gorgeous! I'm so excited for you! I can imagine there being a little of the overwhelm there at the same time...but you deserve this - enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

  3. omg!! wow, wow! i remember you talking about this at unfurl.....oh wow. it looks amazing. i could so seeing having little studio tours, tea, and so much fun! so so awesome.

    yes, you deserve every square inch of this space. relish and enjoy it.

    love you!!

    and ps. thank you SOOOO much for the collage pieces you emailed out....


  4. Enjoy Patty! You deserve it. Money? Not about money - about quality of life and because you have a wonderful place to work, you will be more inspired, spend more time in, and feel soooo comfortable ... most of all it will be a FUN place to work. Such a great gift to yourself Patty ... it will pay you back in Joy and Inspiration and Comfort and a whole bunch of good things you never expected. SURPRISES. Have fun with your furnishing endeavors. xx

  5. wicked! you must be so excited. don't let the gremlins get you down. take your time to decorate it perfectly, make it your sanctuary. you can't afford NOT TO. try not to put pressure on yourself...just enjoy it..and the inspiration will flow. :)

  6. that does look like the best present ever! how exciting! some day, i dream of having something similar of my own. i can dream, can't i? :)

  7. How wonderful! I can't wait to see what you create in this space. Congrats!

  8. When you build it, they (muses and customers) will come. Congratulations on your new creative home. You will love it, and it will become an extension of you....


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