Friday, December 31, 2010

JustBe Recap

i've been realizing that because a big “bad thing” happened to me at year’s end, i run the risk of having it overshadow what has been such a beautiful year in many ways.  i don’t want that to happen.  i hate that just getting back to the way things were btf (before the flood)  has pretty much become a full-time job.  if i don’t actively carve out time for interacting, reflection, exercise, etc. it’s really easy to let all this restoration stuff become all-encompassing. 

so.... i want to stop right here and reflect a bit on how my word-of-the-year “justbe” has had an impact on my life these past 12 months... 

mostly it’s an awareness thing.  by making it my word of the year, an awareness has sort of washed over me reminding me that i don’t need to be doing something all the time.  it’s new for me.  i’ve been a pretty fast-paced multi-tasker at times and this is a whole new arena.  this doing nothing.  it’s a good arena.  i have a taste of it and i’m likin it.  i try to incorporate the doing nothingness into my life at least a little bit every day and i am reaping the rewards.  consciousness.  acceptance.  insight. creative inspiration.

i'm so happy that i chose this as my word.  i find that i’m better able to stop the thought-spiral when things go off in a negative direction and pull back to the present moment.  this is, of course, a work in progress.  but with practice, improvements are being made.

it’s been such a fabulous year in so many ways.  the connections, the growth, the travel.   i have seen so many wonderful places where “justbe” was almost a natural response.  having set this awareness in place beforehand, however, only enhanced the experience. 

when the flood happened, it was almost as if the universe was saying, “let's step things up a notch.  now try this on for size.  see how your “justbe-ing” stays with you now”.   i do think it had an impact.  progress is being made.

so now that the year is over, should i forget about justbe-ing and move to something else??  absolutely not!  i plan to incorporate my new insights into the future, whatever it may hold.  i do have an idea for a new word, which i will share soon.   

and to all of you, my lovely readers.... i am beyond thrilled that you have joined me on this journey.  you have no idea.  you have become such an important part of my life!!  cheers to 2011 and may it be a magical year for all of us!!!


  1. What a gorgeous review of the past year!! Wishing you and yours all the best for the up and coming new one!

  2. So inspiring, Patty. You have 'deepened' into spirit and there will be no stopping you now. Once we begin, there is no turning back. You have had a very lovely year. It's fun to think back is it not. I'm hoping this 'big job' which is with you now will be over soon and you can move forward. As you so aptly realize, it's all about balance. Good luck with that. and YES ... May 2011 be an exciting year for all of us. Here's to us. xx

  3. Your reflections are beautiful and your images even more so. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dear sweet Patty-thank you so much for coming into my life...right from the start of our blogging relationship, I felt a deep connection to you. Maybe it's our love of nature? or photography? or? Whatever it have been a wonderfull gift to my life and I am thankful.
    I love your word of the year...I see your "justbe" consciousness permeate all your (beautiful) pictures. I think there is a deep innate wisdom in nature that we can learn so much from (most of us are not wise enough to do so...but I think you are)
    I am so sorry about the flood...I can only imagine how it must just permeate all of your time right now. I saw the pics!! I don't know if you got my message a few posts ago-but if you need my help...helping hands...just let me know. Seriously.
    I also love the gift of writing your mother's story...a gift to future generations, your mother, yourSELF. xxx All the very very best in 2011 xxx

  5. i love how even in one of your hardest struggles you still see the light. my dear patty you are such an inspiration to me. i am so lucky to know you.

    sending you lots of love my dear xoxo

  6. Patty, I wish you a very happy 2011 as well. As I said a few posts before, I admire your positive attitude! You are such an inspiration. I feel blessed that I got to know you in 2010. All my best wishes are getting out to you.

  7. Dearest Patty..What A Wonderful Post! You Put Into Word & Picture Precisely What Has Been On My Heart All Week. Also..I'm So Sorry To Have Learned About Your Flooding Ordeal, But Want To Say You Have Captured My Heart In The Way You've Chosen To Handle It. You Inspire Me More Than I Am Able To Say!

    I Too, Am So Honored That God Allowed Our Paths To Cross. He Has Most Definitely Blessed Me Beyond Measure During The Time I've Been Blogging. I Never Could Have Imagined Meeting Up With Folks Like Yourself. Forming New Bonds Of Communication And Friendship. And All Through Cyberspace. Who Could Ever Have Imagined?

    In Closing, I Want To Extend My Sincerest Hopes That Your Coming New Year Is A Beautifully Blessed and Healthy One. I Truly Feel Blessed To Have Come To Know You And Blessed A Second Time Around Each Time I Look Upon One Of Your Gorgeous Photographs! I'm Sending You A Tight Hug Of Friendship And An Arm Full of Georgia Sunshine This Morning. xoxo Terri

  8. Patty,
    You are amazing. This is such a wonderful, inspiring post filled with reflections of grace and resilience and gratitude and hope.
    Yes, to all of us, a magical and wonderful 2011.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful pictures and words through out the year. Happy 2011!

  9. Patty,
    I loved your post. Justbe makes so much sense.
    2011 is a good place to start being more "Justbe"
    and thank you for the kind words on my blog. They
    are so heartfelt.

  10. You are so full of creativity - it's wonderful to see how your word choice impacted that. (The blue in the first photo is magical.)

    Just be-ing is one of those things that does take a while to sink in. For me, I suspect it will take a lifetime. Your progress is an inspiration!

  11. I really loved this post...I've been thinking about you and wondering if your studio was saved from the flood. I know your life must have felt all over the place this past little while so it's great to see that you're always looking for the positive side. :)


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