Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yes, It's December

doesn’t it seem like you’ve just put away the halloween costumes and you’re still nibbling pumpkin pie (well, that may go on a while in my case since i thought i was making desert for the whole crew, but turns out at least 3 other folks brought deserts, most much more interesting that my humble pies…) anyway, there you are in some store somewhere and it hits you.  christmas music!  and all the thoughts come flooding in.  i have to make lists.  and make cards.  and make cookies.  and decorate the house. on and on and on…. 

well, maybe it doesn’t happen that way for you.  maybe you are one who gets your shopping done in july and sends cards out before thanksgiving.  but the season seems to hit me like a ton of bricks and i suspect that i’m not completely alone.

don’t get me wrong.  i do love this time of year – well, not everything about it, but there are so many good parts!  i just have trouble accepting that time is moving so rapidly and i always feel a little overwhelmed at the beginning knowing all that there is to do.

so to get me in the mood (and you too!) i dug up a few holiday favorites from last year that i haven’t shared yet.  so, take a deep breath…. one step at a time…. it’s only the FIRST….and it’s going to be wonderful!


  1. Well, you know that the santa dog is the top of the cream, right? Hilarious picture - but s/he looks like not quite being sure what this is all about.
    I'm hit by the Christmas craze every year. Since I love Halloween and Thanksgiving - and everything autumn - so very much, I tend to linger with that and just keep Christmas out of my mind. Then I switch on the radio the day after Thanksgiving and BOOM! jingle bells are ringing in my ears. And I don't like it!

  2. Lately I have had the same expression as your dog! Xmas overwhelms me a bit. :) Your mince pie could pull me out of the funk though!

  3. Sheesh! Patty, I don't know where the entire year went .. so much has occurred - truly amazing. I haven't had time to celebrate my blogging anniversary which was Nov. 15th! With my house still under construction, I'm taking a breather this year. I raced out and bought lights and decorations ... then thought ... "Are you kidding yourself?? Parties and get togethers in all this dust? Next year for me. I've got to take a breather. Love the Photo! Muffy, my sweet Muffy!

  4. It's December! I don't decorate for Halloween and didn't have pumpkin pie so it's all good over here. :)

  5. Love the pup in the xmas sweater. Fun!!!

  6. Patty, I am so looking forward to looking at your pictures this Christmas...I hope you are well my sweet friend..


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