Wednesday, December 15, 2010


it must be december because my kniphofia is in bloom!  i know - i had never heard of it either but it's one of the benefits of buying a home that already has an abundance of mature plants in a climate where just about everything not only grows but multiplies.  i keep being surprised!

the first time i spotted these little beauties, i had recently purchased a macro lens and  had a ball photographing the minute details.  i was really drawn to the colors - the way the yellow kind of melds into the coral color just captivates me!

once i had a friend over who is knowledgeable about such things and she said she thought it looked like a kniphofia (also known as a red hot poker or a torch lily) but they don't generally bloom in december.  i guess nobody told it that!


  1. Once again wowed by the photography. You do have a gift of capturing the energy, Patty. All I can say about your plant is ... Blooming in December? Must be a woman ... doing the impossible yet again.;o)

  2. Wowee wow! Love those red hot pokers! You have done such a beautiful job!

  3. These are WOW!-images! I have never heard of this plant, but it sure is a stunning beauty! Those colors are just breathtaking - and that person behind the camera (YOU!!) definitely has "the eye". Simply wonderful, Patty!

  4. What a gorgeous flower!!! Love how you've captured it!!

  5. Dear Patty-how amazing these pics are!! And you have these stunning flowers in your backyard??? Paradise! I am sorry I have not been able to visit your blog more often these past weeks Patty...I did manage to read up on you though!!! I am so in awe that you and hubby decided to take a cross country year long trip...and you photographed it!! Is that how the name of your blog came about!! And you have had numerous gallery shows of your pics?? How amazing!!Congrats Patty! I even read about little Muffin-poo! We have a super crazy weekend ahead but will touch base soon. xxx


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