Friday, December 3, 2010

All Over…. Am I Sorry??

i’ve written quite a bit about my three “big events” this past fall.  my  michigan trip that included my class reunion, my own retreat in the mountains, and the unfurl reunion of last year’s unearth retreat.  my “anticipations”, as i was calling them in september.  one by one, they came and they went and each turned out in it’s own way to be a beautiful experience. 

so now they are part of the past.  i no longer have them to anticipate.  i was thinking about my reaction to this fact and i realized that, no, i’m not sorry they are over because now i OWN these experiences.  they are part of me.  they are woven into the fabric that makes up my life.  (i’m writing a poem about that that i will share soon.) the reality of having them inside is better than the anticipation

 they each involved connections and relationships that have been deepened.  and memories that i can still easily recall.  and, thank goodness, they are all well-documented with photos!

i do have one more fun event this weekend with the seaside soiree, and of course the holidays, but after that, my life will be somewhat “event-less”, at least for a while.  it’s ok. i can hole up in my new little studio and soak it all in.  i'm a very, very lucky girl.

thanks for sharing this journey with me.  it wouldn't be the same without YOU!


  1. I'm so honoured to be part of your life, Patty - even from afar. I adore your photo with the long shadows, and the one with everyone around the table with all the 'stuff' made me want to dive right in and become part of it all. Being a part of all these wonderful events is what makes life so rich and colourful, no?

  2. love seeing that studio coming together. what a wonderful place that will be for you to go out and create in!

  3. A beautiful post, as usual. Your photos are just amazing, I love looking at them. The one with the long shadows of you guys is wonderful. And of course I hope to see pictures when your studio will be finished.

  4. two nites ago i laid in bed, very very late. not able to sleep...flipping through the channels and on pbs...peter, paul and mary were singing. this land is your land. and immediately i thought of your images. and i smiled...

    i am so happy you have a new studio. isn't that the best.

    and i feel the same way...i am a lucky girl, and partly because i have you

    love you pattygirl.

  5. Oh Patty-your studio looks amazing!!! It must be so exciting for you! I hope you have great weekend meeting with your friends...I agree with you...all of our experieces become a part of who we are.
    We finally found a lots of moving this week. It's a temporary home and i will even have a quasi studio...Can't wait to get settled in and back to a routine. xxx

  6. Your new studio looks like it will be a wonderful place!

    I must say that that is one of the best things about being a photo-taker; you not only have the memories, you have photos to jog and add to your memory. :)

  7. YAY! I haven't visited in a while and to see all your happy memories in's just simply a wonderful sight! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are building a new studio! Won't it be wonderful having your own private space? And Yes Yes Yes Sweet are one lucky girl! Can't wait to see photos once you've gotten all settled in. Sending you a big Christmas Hug and Friendship across the miles, Terri

  8. oh I can't wait to see the finished studio!


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