Monday, July 4, 2011

Art Journaling

Front Cover 

it’s new to me.  i kept hearing about art journaling, but i had to be convinced to try it.  i mean i already had my (rather extensive!) journals and i already had my art.  i couldn’t really see a good reason for combining them. 

Paint and self-portrait over actual journal page

but the idea kept popping up.  soraya shared one of her beautiful journals at the inner gardening retreat and also gave me this book to read.  right about that time i stumbled across the 21 secrets art journaling e-course, and decided to go ahead and jump in!

Words from my "little boats" poem with paint and photos
 one of the things i love is that it’s the perfect way to experiment and try out new techniques that i’m learning.  since it’s just for me, there is no pressure to try to end up with a fabulous (or sale-able) product.

Paint, painted photo, photo pieces, journal phrases and doodles printed on transparency

 it’s a very intuitive process.  when i start, i have no idea where each page is headed since it totally evolves on its own.  love that.

Photos, map, selections cut from New Mexico travel stuff

 also love that it’s a way to piece together little parts of myself in new and interesting ways.  i can see the potential for powerful therapy…. not to mention endless FUN!!!

Back cover

in other news, you may have seen some of these little pieces before, but i recently decided they might do better in a group than by themselves, so i arranged them in a frame and “six little pieces” is now hanging in gallery 204.

i know those of you in other countries are not celebrating a holiday today, 
but, heck - wherever you are it's still the 4th of july, right??  enjoy!!!


  1. I'm attractive of the thought that you're doing this art just for yourself, and the "six little pieces" is adorable.
    Have enjoyed the 4th of July with clearing and cleaning the house..... so the 5th of July will be even better.

  2. You know I was wondering about doing 21 Secrets as well! I wonder if it's too late. I need to get more intuitive with my art too! :)

    Nice job btw, I loved looking at your pages! :)

  3. I also have been curious of art journaling,, this is beautiful,,

  4. I'm still pretty new to art journaling myself, and I'm enjoying it more and more. I love that I can try out so many techniques and it really doesn't matter whether I hopelessly mess up. This is just for me - if I want to share it, great, but I don't have to. Absolutely no pressure - it's wonderful.
    Happy Fourth to you as well.

  5. I am so blown away ... absolutely incredible work, Patty! I can tell you are having a whole bunch of fun ... and the best part is when your muse takes over and you are just along for the ride ... as surprised as anyone else at the outcome. I love love LOVE that part. I'm so happy you like it .. it is a very powerful tool. XXOODonna

  6. I love your art journaling! I will have to try this someday too. To find the time is key... It's nice to see how you are enjoying it. :) Happy 4th!

  7. Gosh Patty, Love What You've Accomplished With The Journal. So Imaginative! The Page With You Sitting On The Side Of the Boat Was Awesome! Enjoyed The NM Collage Too! Thanks For The Great Share..And Happy Fourth To You Sweet Lady! Hugs, Terri

  8. Wonderful pages! Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Huh. Maybe I should try it myself. It does look fun. Also I think another blogger I follow, the Queen of Arts, does art journaling and I always enjoy her pages. Hmmm. I'll let the idea simmer.

  10. Happy celebration! I'm really interested in hearing the third part of your story. I love your house!! It's stunning and so unique. It must've been difficult to leave. What a brave decision.

  11. PS. I was just around the neighbourhood, in Arizona. Too hot for me... but amazing!

  12. Dear Patty-I just adore your art journal pages!!! isn't it just the most amazing thing??? It's also interesting to see how your art evolves after doing art's a very organic process. Therapy + fun + art+ learning = a very good thing:)happy 4th to you too. xxx


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