Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Art Journaling

work in progress - digitally altered photo with various additions - i may write a poem on the "tendrils"

when i first started dabbling in mixed media art a couple years ago, one of my motivations was that it was a chance to use my ever-growing collection of photos in a new way.  and i have certainly done that.  i have collaged on them, cut them, mosaiced them, woven them, transfered them and altered them in every conceivable way.  and art journaling is prooving to be the perfect venue for continuing this venture!

photo transfer with some journaling under the paint

the great thing about it is that there is no right or wrong -  anything goes!!  and while it is really fun to learn new styles and techniques like i am doing in my 21 secrets class, these are simply tools in the tool-chest that can be drawn on when the moment feels right. 

self-portrait combined with 3-word phrases from my journals

 the more materials, tools, photos, words, quotes, etc. that i gather, the more different ways there are of combining them.  i don't always love the results, but it's ok.  there is always something to learn.

photo on page prepped with chalk and homemade stamp

i tend to have a lot of different pages working at once.  in one session, i'll add stuff wherever i feel it's needed.  sometimes i'll go back and add something new to a page i thought was finished.  it's a really fun and low pressure way to work!

altered photo on painted and stamped page

right now my pages tend to revolve around a photo and don't contain a ton of words.  i still keep the heavy writing for my regular spiral-bound journal.  sometimes i tear out a page or copy it and partially paint over it.  but that could change as i'm sure my style will as i move forward.

photo on paint, quote on transparency

if you haven't tried it yet, what's holding you back???
pretty good bet the next retreat will involve some art journaling!!

my very messy work space


  1. You call that a mess? I love what you're doing! Makes me want to do some art journaling too.

  2. beautiful work,, I love this,,

  3. I so love that you are doing this. Also adore the expansion of creativity on your desk. Perhaps your heart is expanding too?? xxDonna

  4. Patty, these are beautiful pages and very unique - your very own style. Wonderful, what you do with all those photos. I, too, don't write too much in my art journal and work on several pages at the same time.

  5. someone has been very busy! so much fun.

  6. Dear Patty-ah...we are on the same page yet agian:) isn't art journaling just so delicious??love the Mufster he ever adorable or what?? I am falling in love with altered books/pages...there is just so much to learn...thanks google! also...really like the book I borrowed from you-Inner Excavation. so many fun exercises to try. Learning a lot.
    I hope you guys had great lunch on Sat. Tim came home on Thurs evening (surprise long weekend) and we celebrated our wedding anniversary early. Had no idea he would be home...Never quite know what's going to happen around here...keeps things exciting!You have to come over for an artist date one of these evenings. I wanted to have you, Jane and Pat over one evening but I think we would make way too much noise and wake Tara up!!! xxxSoraya

  7. love the journal page where your arms are stretching out, the reflection and the arrows shooting out of the frame...boy does that speak volumes!!


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