Friday, July 29, 2011

Break Time

time for a break and we are heading north. i’m not going to commit to posting while we are gone – maybe i will and maybe i won’t (how’s that for a commitment??)

in the meantime, i leave you with this…

let nature speak to you


be in its presence

it has many things to tell you

be still

be open

let it speak

feast upon it…



  1. The Dolphin photograph. Speechless. Have a wonderful journey. xxDonna

  2. Such an important Thoreau said, "Let nature be your teacher." xx jane

  3. such beautiful photos...they really stir my soul!! Have fun on your break!!

  4. Have a great vacation - and good for you for not-committing. Better to simply go with the flow. Love your parting images..

  5. Have a wonderful time, Patty. We just came back from a very relaxing trip up North along the Oregon and Washington coast - pure nature, it was such bliss.

  6. we don't listen enough.
    i know i don't, but today i am
    going to keep my eyes wide
    and my ears perked.

    enjoy the north.

  7. dear patty-love these pics..every single one of them! It feels great to just let go and go with the flow...recharge! I hope you are enjoying your vacation...oh! I just finished the book Breakfast with Buddha...try to read it at some point. It is funny, witty, wise and a great easy summer read. xxx

  8. your photographs are stunning. absolutly stunning. you have such a talent and an eye for capturing the beautiful.

  9. I keep going back to that vertical shot of the cliff and pines (?) dropping down to the ocean. And the dolphins.


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