Monday, July 18, 2011

A Confession

ok, let me begin by establishing a couple of things:

i know you will laugh at me
i get that i’m not overweight
i exercise every day
i follow a mostly healthy eating routine….

having said all of that…. i am having a little bit of a struggle.  you see i like to maintain my weight.  it’s comfortable.  it keeps me in my jeans.  it’s been pretty much the same for a really long time and i like to keep it that way.  some times in my life that has been relatively easy and other times (like when i first moved into the dorm in college) not so much.  as i get older it’s moving into the not so much category.  i feel like if i start gaining weight now (and I have), it’ll be a “slippery slope” and i don’t want that.

 so here’s my confession:  i’m a candy-holic.  ok, maybe that’s too strong of a word – i have a serious candy habit.  for as long as i can remember i have eaten candy.  like every day.  i have it in my car.  i like to munch on it in my studio.  i really like it after dinner while watching tv.

 even though i know it’s not good for me or my teeth…. i never thought i had the wherewithal to give it up.  i feel like i kinda need it.  but of all the things i could choose to give up (at least temporarily) this makes the most sense.  it’ll be good for me, save me money and make it easier to maintain my weight.

that’s what my rationale mind told me and (albeit reluctantly) the rest of me finally agreed to give it a try.  5 days in and i’m surviving.  is it getting easier each day?   not really.  but at least i know i can do it.  and that’s big.



  1. Oh good for your Sweets!
    (Pun intended...)
    It can be hard to change our habits, even if it is only for a short period of time but I am sure that your body appreciates it.
    Have you tried substituting naturally sweet goodies while you are off candy? Cherries are particularly divine this season.

  2. Patty,

    Thanks for stopping over and visiting my blog today.

    I can totally relate. I could live off of candy and nothing else. ~~ and be satisfied.

    Although, I wish I could say that I don’t have an issue with me weight....

    I enjoyed visiting your blog and look forward to coming back again soon.

  3. You lucky duck ... being able to eat candy all your life!! I know you are able to do anything you want to .. so go for it! You have my support. xxDonna

  4. Good for you Patty!!! If you read 7 habits, if you want to start or give one up...I think it takes 21 days. I know you can do it!!! Sending sweet (!!!!) thoughts your way. xxx

  5. 5 days...congrats! i'm a chip whore...i tried giving it up but too hard so i just have a little each day...i'm not as good as you!!

  6. Wow Patti thats huge . I love candy too. Good luck sweet friend..

  7. I have read that's it's 30 days to change the actual brain structure, so that you have formed new neural pathways that do not include the candy addiction! lol.

    Have you tried fresh dates? They are sooo sweet and a good replacement for the sugar. Not quite the same though.... the other things I had when sugar free was Loving Earth chocolate bars which are sugar free. :)

    Good luck Patty!

  8. Thanks, guys for your suggestions and support! I do find that the baby carrots are helpful. Nice and crunchy! The big challenge will be next week when we are traveling. I get bored on long drives and really love me some red licorice and Laffy Taffys.....we'll see.

  9. me too with the exception of....i can't keep the weight off. i have already hit that slippery slope. and i love banana taffy fyi.

  10. Patty, I think you definitely need a substitute for the candy...dates, cherries, carrots...all good. I snack on fruit, nuts,drink lots of water, and also cereal! it! I would never go back to candy...after you have lost your desire for it, you'll shake your head that you ate it so often! At our age (!) we have to have eating habits! jane

  11. I don't really eat candy. I stopped buying it when I cut out artificial sugar .. most of it seems to have something fake in it. And then a few months ago, I found those chewy candies at Whole Foods (see my candy post). Oh, my goodness, did I go through the containers of it. If they hadn't run out, I don't know where I'd be. ;)

    Wishing you lots of sweetness in your life so that you don't even miss the candy!


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