Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making Story

“…all making of story becomes a spiritual place.  it is a place of the most intense solitude but also a place where the most intimate communal experience can be achieved: that of sharing story.  story is a place where meaning can be made and remembered.”   eunice scarfe

 this really struck me when i read it yesterday.  and now that it’s been percolating in my brain for a day i’m realizing that this is what i love about blogging.  i mean in addition to the obvious reason of sharing my photos.  when i started out i had no idea about this particular benefit, but it forces me to examine the little pieces of my life and translate them into STORY.

 story that shares not only events, but emotions and impressions. (and visual images!)   story that bubbles up from the heart.  story that clarifies ideas.  story that gathers details and brings them together.  story told in poetry or prose.  story that reaches out and begs to be shared with others.

often i’ll be writing in my journal, as i have for years, and suddenly realize that what i am writing is something that yearns to be shared.  voila – a new blog post!

i think i look at my life differently now.  as i go through my days and stumble across things that might become potential story elements, i think of all of you – and wonder if you might be open to sharing in the story.  not all ideas make to this forum, but when they do, you, my faithful little audience, are there to support and cheer me on.  i love you for it and hope that i can do the same for your stories!

 “as a writer, i am transformed in the making of story; the reader is transformed in the reading of story.” eunice scarfe

let’s keep on transforming each other!!

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  1. wow that was beautiful,, words and photos,

  2. Dear Patty-I just love this post...everything about it; the heartfelt truth-telling/storytelling/heart-sharing/life-making
    aspect of it. Isn't that what life is really about...sharing our stories in the hopes of...connecting, transforming, being moved..."making story" xxx

  3. P.S. I just had sweet Jane over this was so nice...full of deep storytelling, art-making, heart-sharing.

  4. Oh my goodness! I loved this post!
    I know just what you're saying!

  5. Such a heart felt post, and so very true. I think our stories to long to be shared. I look forward to your stories with great anticipation. The photographs in this post are wonderful because we get to see a little of you, a tiny part of your life, and I think a big part of who you are. In tune with nature, at home in the outdoors, a happy traveler. Lovely, Patty. xxDonna

  6. That's exactly what I felt now when I opened my blog after the blog break and saw that you had seen my post and written some sweet, wise words! Your are a veeeery gooood story teller with your photos and texts!

  7. Amazing - isn't it? - how the blogging and writing forces us to be present? To transform our lives into 'art'?? Love how you've said it here!

  8. It's wonderful that the story-telling enhances the clarity and joy of your life!
    Magic! Jane

  9. How beautifully written, Patty. I love this post. And that last photo is just amazing!

  10. ohhh..i love stories too!! That's why i love the radio podcasts from The Moth and This American Life!! Thanks for sharing your stories!!!


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