Sunday, July 10, 2011

One of Those Days...

i had one yesterday.  perhaps you have had them too….. (hopefully not!)  i had absolutely zero confidence that anything i could ever hope to do would really “amount to anything.”  and when i get in that mode, guess who else comes to call??  right out of the woodwork come all those hidden friends that i thought were long buried.  the ones that remind me about everything i’ve ever done in my life that hasn’t been exactly “successful”.  and believe me, there are a whole army of those guys!

 the good thing is that even when i’m in the thick of these feelings, i’m starting to get that they aren’t permanent.  so i was able to relax a little.  i was able to let it be.  to let the demons have their say.  i journaled.  i went to class.  i even went to a reception last night, but other than that, I stayed away from social interaction, blogs, email, etc.  i didn’t fight it and didn’t talk about it with anyone else.

 thankfully this morning i feel like it’s a new day.  i have ideas.  i have motivation.  i took lots photos on my walk.  i wrote stuff down.  and writing about all of this here is, i think, the best therapy.  because i’m pretty sure that some of you get it.  now how could i ever get that kind of reinforcement without blogging?  it’s a wonderful thing, my friends….. 

don't i have an interesting neighborhood??  (funny... yesterday i thought it was dull and boring - what a difference a day makes!  now if i can just keep that going.......) 

i do soooo appreciate your stopping by!! 


  1. good for you,, tomorrow is always another day and a NEW day,,beautiful photos

  2. How fabulous to be able to 'just be with it'. Be proud, Patty! We are slowly and surely changing our belief system ... I think it is grand. So happy you are feeling better today. Take care and thanks for those beautiful photographs from your 'it's a great day' walk. xxDonna

  3. There is just something about the last photo that draws me in! I am loving the perspective!

    Isn't it interesting how we can feel so different about something in the span of a day! Goodness, thoughts are powerful. (That totally reminds me of something from The Untethered Soul .. he talks about imagining the voice in our head as our Inner Roommate and walking around for a while imagining the voice as an actual person that we live with that never leaves us - and how would we ever trust it because it is always changing its mind, sometimes from one moment to the next. That person is great! That person is horrible! :)

  4. I think sometimes you just need a day off, that's when the blah's set in. I think you did the perfect thing, as today's feelings show!

  5. One of the best words of wisdom from my Dutch Mama was -and is - "everything looks better in the morning". I live by that and find the truth in it many days!

  6. I think we all know these days. I have them as well, and they really drag me down that moment, but a day later (or two) I usually have my optimism come back and with it my energy. I still need to take more time to write about it because I believe that it really helps and can clear up a lot of worries.

  7. Yes...yes..yes. I know this feeling - especially that when I want to shut myself down and stay away from all social interactions. But - as you say so eloquently here - no feeling is final (thankfully!!).


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