Friday, July 15, 2011

Ten Years Ago (Part 4)

Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware

(part 3, etc.) so by this time, it was already october and starting to get cool.  we put our plans for new england on the back burner (for the next year!) and decided there was enough to see in the virginia area to keep us busy before heading south.

Lewes, Delaware

 we did take a side trip to cape henlopen in delaware for my birthday.  fabulous!!  seeing as it was “off season” lots of the parks were practically empty, especially during the week.  nothing like having a state park all to yourself!!

Cape Henlopen
Delaware, Rehoboth Beach, I think

back through maryland, across the chesapeake bay bridge and into virginia beach.  all told, we spent a whole month in the virginia area before heading into north carolina.

Pokomoke River, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay bridge, Virginia

 sadly, i was not taking very many photos at this time and didn’t keep some of the ones that i did take. i know, hard to believe, but it wasn’t until i got well into reading the artist’s way that i started to flex my creative muscles.

some of the ups and downs:

10-13-01          Oakridge Campground, Prince William Forest National Park, VA
Some of my favorite moments have been on solo hikes.  I’m reminded of this because I’m on one now.  My thoughts just work in a different vein.  This particular spot is on a boulder in the Quantico Creek in Prince William Forest Park near Mannassas.  The colors are brilliant and my feet are in the water.  The only sounds are the wind, the leaves falling, the insects and birds.  I think I’ll have my lunch now. Oh, for more moments like these!  I see quite a few more on the horizon.  All I need is myself and a beautiful spot and no one else around.  It’s not expensive!  By myself, I can finally start to realize the tremendous relief of completing all I had to do this summer to get to this place.  The relief has been coming in small doses. 

Virginia, Newport News Park

 10-21-01          Newport News Park, Newport News, Virginia
I’m reading “The Gift of a Year” – I discovered it only after my year was already in motion and started reading it only after my year had already begun.  I’m finding it very reinforcing that I am doing the right thing (I’ve honestly had no second thoughts).  I can’t believe how little stress I have right now.  I think my year (or more) will lead to other causes and ideas.  I’m certainly open to that, but I had to free myself of commitments to see what those might be.
This constant connection to nature feeds my soul!

Virginia Beach, water-view campsite

 10-25-01          Richmond, VA
This is the second day spent here in the RV shop in Richmond in record breaking heat waiting for the installation of the inverter and extra batteries.  We just got the bill and I’m not a happy camper!  But tomorrow we hope to be back on the Blue Ridge Parkway....

Williamsburg, Virginia
 Be Prepared 

So you want to live in a motorhome?
Pick up some glue at the store –
Everything you thought was tight  
Will end up on the floor.

While you're at it get some tablets
To write your problems down.
And make a list of necessities
Should you ever get to a town.

Pack a little vacuum –
Your floor will be a mess.
You’ll track in dirt and sand and leaves,
More than you could guess!

And don’t forget the quarters
You’ll need to wash and dry,
You can’t do laundry cheaply
Even if you try.

You’d better learn to read a map-
Many mistakes can be found.
You’ll travel twenty miles
Before you can turn around.

I hope you like your spouse a lot-
Set up a cozy nest.
Confined together 24/7
Can put you to the test.

Is it worth it you say
To put up with this stuff?
I had no idea
It would all be so rough.

Once you see all that’s out there
You’ll have to agree –
The joys of the journey
Will set your soul free!


  1. dear Patty-are you on a road trip? I know these pics are from 10 years ago but..where are you now?? Love the poem made me laugh! I don't think motorhome living is for me!!! I can do camping or the Hilton:)xxx

  2. Yeah Patty..great poem. I love it..So my dream is to live in a motor home one you.G

  3. I love to accompany you on your trip ten years ago. I can very well understand your feelings while hiking alone - I enjoy that, too. Once while on a solo hiking trip I met an English woman and we have become hiking buddies ever since. It seems you're way more open when you're alone.

  4. Such a journey and such memories. Really .. you couldn't ask for anything more, could you? My parents had a motor home and traveled like you did ... I only did little stints. What a way to see your own beautiful country. I hope you are having a wonderful celebration for your anniversary. Happy! xxDonna

  5. It is so inspiring to read this. And - I would imagine - so very true that it's all about the journey..and the prize within. Wonderful poem!!!

  6. What a fabulous opportunity to travel freely like beautiful places!

  7. loving your story and beautiful photos.

  8. you make me smile. with all the stress, miles waiting to turn around, you did it. the courage . the planning . the road. wow.

  9. a friend did a week road trip in their RV recently and she said the RV got smaller by the mile! must be right about needing to like your spouse a lot!!

    how did you end up where you are now?


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