Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dark and Light

i'm an early riser, but, man - it's hard to get out of bed these days - my bed is like a warm and comforting cocoon shielding me from the harsh, cold world (contrary to public opinion, it does get cold here, especially in the morning, and since heat is inefficient and expensive, we rarely use it) oh, and it's seriously dark, and lately, rainy. in the end, it's all the big and little projects that start calling my name and battering my brain that drive my out and over the edge of the bed....

on the lighter are a couple of new images i am using for cards and magnets.  hope one of them speaks to you!


  1. Patty!

    I was just reading your comment on my blog about Muffin.

    You know the place where I bring Atlas (the only place I've ever found where he didn't come home all stressed out - I quit traveling until I moved here and found this place because he reacted similarly to Muffin)? They also have one in southern CA. Maybe they're close to you and it would work for Muffin too?

    www [dot] doubledogranch [dot] com

    and click on the Southern California license place


  2. What lovely images and messages!

  3. I want to go with you on a trip...your images are so pretty .I love the messages...Thank You..Gloria

  4. patty, these are spectacular! though i expect nothing less from you and your lens. also those tassies look killer. love to you


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