Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's All Christmas!

i used to really anticipate christmas, you know, counting the days, just couldn't wait (even as an adult!) then finally the day would come and it would all be over so quickly. but i finally became wise enough to realize that starting with that first candy cane and christmas cookie, those dogs dressed like santa, the kid-made ornaments, the lights on the palm trees, opening cards from far away with adorable pictures inside, the pageants and parades and kisses under the misletoe (ok, maybe not that annoying christmas music they play in the stores before halloween) ITS ALL CHRISTMAS and it lasts for a good long time. whether or not you celebrate the main event of christmas, there is a lot of joy and giving out there if you are willing (and unstressed enough) to find it so don't let it pass you by!

here's an image from a couple years ago when i was just discovering the joys of photoshop.  yes, it's a photo, taken in my living room.


  1. I loved the Christmas card I received from you! Your Photoshop work of Kelly B. was priceless!!! Thanks!
    Christmas hugs from TX.

  2. thanks for the your insights and your photography too...much love to you my dear...

  3. What fun! You did a fabulous job. I am longing to play with photo shop. When I come back in the spring ....


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