Sunday, December 6, 2009

Core Values

been wanting to post this for a while....  one of the exercises that the lovely andrea led us in at the bepresent retreat in October was designed to help us define a set of core values for this particular time in our lives, based loosely on attributes that we admire in other people. i got to work with sweet friend kate. we coaxed each other along and this is the list i ended up with. these ideas have stayed with me and serve as trailmarkers on my journey.

some thoughts about how these ideas figure into my life at the moment....

#1 - when i upgraded photoshop, i got a free trial with and i am totally hooked! for me it is easiest and most painless way to master every type of software that you can imagine. i am learning so much - check it out!

#2 - there is a lot of nasty fighting going on right now in my local art group (yelling, accusations, negative emails, etc.) being able to see both sides keeps me from getting emotionally attached to one side or the other and alienating a lot of folks in the process.

#3 - i think it's a good reminder around the holidays as so many walking among us are struggling and hurting. there but for the grace of god....

#4 - it's been kind of a serious year for me. in spite of the distractions of a lot of traveling and fun, the anxiety of worrying about losing my job and this whole transition out of the work world has left me with plenty of negative thoughts, isolation and self-doubt. so pretty much daily i resolve not to take it so seriously, laugh a lot and concentrate on the many positive things in my life.

#5 - this was easy when i was out there teaching special needs kids every day. i know i will get there again in a different way, but at the moment i am struggling with just what my contribution will be. i have faith that some day it's going to be something amazing!

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  1. i know it sounds trite, but just being you is a contribution. no one else can be you.

    your photos and words make my day brighter when I visit, so there is another.

    much love.


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