Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Light, You Amaze Me!

we had a rare whopper of a storm yesterday, which gave me an opportunity to have some fun with my camera, inside and out...

the light breaks through..... the only (very short-lived) moment of sunlight during the day, just before it headed down over the horizon.  it was still raining at the time, pretty cool!

this was how the yard looked lit up by that very same sunlight

back inside, playing around with the Christmas tree lights

and one more....


  1. These are GREAT pics Patty! Thank you for sharing - i am really loving the 2nd one!


  2. Those are cool! And what a beautiful yard you have!

  3. Patty..I havent written and I am sorry...I am glad you came by the store its cute...I love the picture of the rain...wow..I do love the rain and all the noise and the smell it just yummi...The christmas lights are also fun fun fun....Merry Christmas....Gloria

  4. very very very much love the rain/light photo. and the christmas lights.your yard is gorgeous. oh yeah, and the pic of the Fringe. is it fringe?
    lovely. miss you lovely lady!

  5. wow! love the photos. especially the first one.

    it looks warm there. i miss warm.


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