Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the Brink (part 3 of 3)

sooooo....... the days have run out..... the lessons re-learned.......where is it all leading???? well, if i'm to take my own lessons seriously, it's obvious that i don't need to know. i have a strong feeling that i am truly on the brink of something important for my future - something that will utilize my strengths in a new way and something that will actually make a difference (not to mention maybe bring in a few bucks!) but i have already spent way too much time and energy being frustrated that i don't know what it is. ITS OK NOT TO KNOW!! i'm starting to get that!

one thing that is very encouraging for me right now it that the words are coming back. when we set out to explore the country in our motorhome in 2001, i sensed that i might have some creative instincts, but i had no idea what they were. after a month or 2 on the road, i started taking lots of pictures, but more surprisingly, i started writing poetry. i had not done this before and it seemed as though the words, in some miraculous and serendipitous manner, would just fly into my head as i was hiking. this continued as we traveled, but not much afterwards, as i documented here:


Poetry Window 6/15/02

You opened so easily

Effortlessly really

Barely a nudge brought

A silken sliding

Brisk soothing breezes

Rustled the lacy curtains and

My words poured forth

Like icy lemonade

On an August afternoon

South Carolina, Georgia, Texas –

The window stayed open

The sunlit summer of my soul

Wallowing in the steady winds of change

New nightly nests

Nurtured new ideas

Wellsprings of words

And the window stayed open

Not prepared for the



Stuck there

Sealed with the weight of

Work and worry

Finance figures and furniture

The well ran dry

The window is closed

It may take a miracle

To pry it open again

that window did open again as documented here:

Lightning 9/22/02

I’m not writing

today I have nothing to say but

the pen and the paper just won’t go

away I need a small break I’ve spilled

out my last thought yet somehow

my mind whirls and – voila

I’m caught with the pen racing

madly the blank page disappears before I know

what hit me I’m immersed to

my ears In a verse or a

poem something totally

new that just struck me

like lightning fresh out of the blue

I gratefully seize these brain bursts that

occur - I grab them I keep them

I’ll read them next year

and it feels open now, at least for the moment, so i go forward with hope in my heart, plunging head-first into the beauty and uncertainty that is the year 2010. much love to you as you do the same and i hope that our paths will continue to cross!!!


  1. I love these poems from '02 and hope there will be more in "beautiful, uncertain" 2010. My sister has talent! Thanks for sharing your heart, and Happy New Year!
    Love, Sherrie

  2. It's ok not to know. I struggle with remembering that myself.

    I love these poems - and hope your words continue to come back.

  3. Incredibly beautiful, Patti. Honour your words. Allow your words. They are always there. Breathe and let them flow. Thank you for sharing.


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