Friday, December 18, 2009

Quantity vs. quality

at our house, we’ve kind been going with quantity over quality when it comes to christmas gifts. so what if you get some socks or post-it notes? at least you have a lot of presents to open! the best part, though, is that we know some families who are struggling (who doesn't, these days?) and since we don't really need any big-ticket items, it allows us to help out. so it's kind of a win-win!


  1. i love this pictures Patty!!! love the one of your living room with the candlelight and tree lights and view - gorjuss!!!!

    xxoxox happy friday to you

  2. Patty, it looks so cozy in your house..I love your doggie in his little santa cute...Happy saturday.LOL Gloria

  3. ok .. so atlas is not the only dog who can give you a very sad look when you attempt to dress them up. ;)


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