Monday, December 21, 2009

My Wish for You

this is truly my wish for you

that brightness fill the corners of your life

we all know that that light can only come from within

but sometimes the circumstances can pile on so deep

that only a pick, ax and shovel

can uncover a measly spark

my wish is that when your spark gets buried

you will never forget about it

that you will do whatever it takes to retrieve it

and that when you find that fledgling spark

no matter how small

that you will nurture it tenderly

give it some healthy air to breathe

bring it right out into the open

and, well, that's all you need to do.....

now sit back and watch what happens!

much love and holiday cheer to you!!!!


  1. i sure do love you, patty-always-say-the-most-beautiful-most timely things girl. message received loud and clear. and right back at ya! love,

  2. i second that Marilyn!!! Thank you for these words...this tender reminder!!! Blessings to you!

  3. this really hit home for me. thank you for this.
    love from tx!

  4. patty, i love this. and love you.

    p.s. i received a beautiful card in the mail from you. it rocks!

  5. oh, patty. that is such a beautiful and perfect wish. thank you for that.

    i wish the same for you.

    have a merry merry christmas!

    (and thank you for that "unearth" card. wow. what a beautiful reminder.)

  6. Oh how true. I carry a shovel in the trunk of my car. I used to think it was for digging up small seedling trees to bring them home. Now I know what it's really for ... lol. Happy christmas.


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