Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the Brink (part 2 of 3) The Lesson List

some lessons i can master pretty well on the first try and then there are those other ones - you know the ones - you learn and relearn and then, just when you think you've got it, well, it keeps you humble, you know? so in no particular order, these are some of the lessons i have been trying to re-learn this year:

anthony lakes, eastern oregon

• sometimes the tiniest, seemingly most insignificant act can have an impact that i can't even fathom

• every story has (at least) 2 sides. every. single. story.

• holding people to expectations i think they should meet can end up causing a lot of grief

• holding circumstances to expectations i think they should meet can end up causing a lot of grief

• i have something in common with every other person, even though it may not be readily apparent

• tapping into the creative work of others is useful for inspirational purposes – not for comparison!!

• no matter how impossible to see at the time, difficulties will always reveal that silver lining at some point in the future – that’s how life works

i do not need to know all the answers. living with uncertainty and openness is its own adventure.


i could go on, but theses are the ones that jump out at me at the moment.

also, if you want to do something powerful for yourself in 2010, read the power of now and/or a new earth by eckhart tolle. if you have already read them, read them again. trust me, there is waaaaay too much in there to be absorbed in one read-through!!!

coming soon - stay tuned for one more episode of "on the brink"!


  1. Ah yes, Patti - bells are ringing all over the place for me. Interesting journey is it not! The New Earth/Power of Now, sit by my bed tattered, tired and torn. They stay together as old friends. A 'post-it' pen is attached to one of them. Both books have pink highlights and page markers sticking out the top. Pages found in their original pristine condition are non existent. I simply adore them both!

  2. Patty,
    I love all of these! I love how you write!!!
    I just learned in this last year about expectations and TRYING to not have them...i am trying to teach this to my kids so it doesn't take them 30+ years of grief!!
    You are such an amazing soul...i can't wait to read part 3 as i soaked up parts 1 and 2!!
    Read A New Earth...but you are so right when there is so much in there to grab! I cannot tell you how many pages i have flagged and highlighted...its crazy!!!
    xxooxxoo loves to you


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